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    My husband and I are Catholic and really like the name Ambrose, as it has such a rich and ancient history in the Church. Do you like Ambrose? What is your impression of Ambrose? Do you think it could exist in today's modern world? Thanks.
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    I adore Ambrose. So handsome and dignified. I love that it's a boy's name that contains "rose" and almost "amber" too.
    It reminds me of everything that's sensuous about church- rose windows filtering sunlight, incense, beautiful hymns, the feeling of strength in tenderness..
    And I think it's totally wearable!

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    I really like Ambrose! I had never heard of it till last year as it's the last name of a Nigeria footballer who plays in Scotland, Efe Ambrose. I think both Efe (Effie) and Ambrose are lovely however I'm not sure that it would work on a little boy now-a-days.

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    Ambrose along with Anatole are two old world names that I've always found very interesting. However the only references I'm aware of are very 18th century, Ambrose Bierce who wrote An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and the main male character in Daphne du Maurier's novel My Cousin Rachel. Even though I think it is indeed a very handsome name I'm not sure how easy it would be to live with nowadays. A difficult name to nickname, I can only think of Ross as a viable option, Amby or Rosie seem less than desirable.

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    As you can see from my signature I am considering it for my baby boy due this June. Ambrose to me is a very 19th/20th century English gentleman-type name. It is a strong name but it is also very soft sounding. It's very pleasing to the ear (in my opinion anyway). The Saint connection makes it even more usable in my opinion (although I am not Catholic).

    The only thing I know that could have teasing potential is it's similarity to Amber Rose. Plus it's lack of many masculine nicknames could lead to teasing with the ending -rose. Although a good masculine nickname I have found is Bo.

    I think besides the nickname thing, it has a lot of potential!!
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