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    The pronunciation you're after is spelled Talise. Tallis is an English surname and the name of a famous Elizabethan composer who wrote beautiful sacred music. It's pronounced TAL-iss and it's a fairly well-known name, so I would spell it Talise.

    Both Gemma and Fleur are beautiful names, but I am voting for Fleur for two reasons.1) I find Ava, Mia and Gemma over-matchy, as they are all two syllable girls names with identical cadences ending in A. 2) Fleur Talise seems to be a much, much more meaningful choice, as a way to honor Remy without being too overt. Gemma from your explanation appears to be a pretty name that you liked, nothing more, and Hermione was sweetly chosen by your son (possibly he heard it in HP?) Gemma Hermine is pretty, striking and flows well. But Fleur Talise is very pretty, has even better flow, and could be paired with Hermne as pp suggested (Fleur Hermione Talise). Adding the second middle minimizes the Harry Potter overtones, ech you've said previously don't bother you.
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    I adore Gemma Hermoine Fleur. You get all the names, it's perfect. Stick with Gemma as the first name. It's much more substantial.
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    I was just about to say the same this as Blade about the pronunciation of Tallis. I knew a boy with that name in middle school and he pronounced like the talis in talisman.
    I love the name Gemma. Gemma Hermione is very Harry Potter to me, but if that doesn't bother you go for it. I really like Gemma Fleur too.

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    First of all, I'm so sorry for your loss of your son. As to the names you are considering, I don't think you can go wrong with either choice...but my favourite is Fleur. Good luck!

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    Tallis rhymes with Alice. It is the last name of characters in Atonement.
    I don't know about matching the name to the baby you lost. Your daughter should have her very own name. I am very sorry for your loss.
    My favorite of those names is Fleur. Gemma is great too, but as a pp stated, it is matchy with the other girl's names that end in A too.
    I don't think you should change the name though. You put Gemma Hermoine in your signature. You obviously love it.
    All the best!

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