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    Commoner to Royal Part 1: First Meeting

    Use this dice:

    You are a twenty-year old college student at (NAME OF COLLEGE). Your name is (NAME) and you are studying (MAJOR) with hopes of becoming a (CAREER). In the spring of your junior you decide to go on a study abroad program to Europe.

    What country do you go to?
    1. Spain
    2. Belgium
    3. Luxembourg
    4. Sweden
    5. Denmark
    6. Netherlands

    The flight is a long one, but you aren’t bored. You find yourself sitting next to another girl going to the same country as you.

    What is her name?

    You talk almost the entire flight over, until you finally fall asleep. You wake just as the plane is flying over (COUNTRY YOU’RE GOING TO), and you are struck by the beauty of the landscape. Your plane lands and you get off and find your luggage.

    You and (NAME OF FRIEND) discover that you are roommates while in (COUNTRY). You are both so excited the first night that you barely sleep, even though you know the jet lag will get you later.

    The next few weeks, you attend school in (COUNTRY) and busy yourself learning (LANGUAGE SPOKEN THERE). You had studied some before you left, but you still find it difficult to communicate in town. Slowly you get more comfortable, and eventually you can hold a decent conversation with a native speaker without too many mistakes.

    One night, (FRIEND) wants to go out to a party that some of the other exchange students are going to. You want to go, but you tell her that you have to stay behind to finish a report for one of your classes. She is upset, but you know she’ll have fun with the other students.

    The report doesn’t take as long as you thought, and a glance at the clock tells you that you still have enough time to catch (FRIEND) and the party. You change clothes and get ready to leave.

    What does your outfit look like?

    You thought you were getting better at (LANGUAGE), but you must have misheard (FRIEND) because you can’t find any of your fellow exchange students at the bar you enter. You are about to leave when you catch the eye of a handsome guy across the room.

    What does he look like?

    He makes his way across the room toward you. You feel your heart race when he comes to stand next to you, and you know it isn’t because of your (LANGUAGE) skills. However, you manage to introduce yourself without making a fool of yourself. He smiles and introduces himself in return.

    What is his name?

    You notice that he only gives his first name, but you don’t think much of it. The two of you spend the whole night talking, and the next time you check the time it is almost one in the morning. You say goodbye and give him a wink over your shoulder before leaving. You hurry back to your apartment, knowing that (FRIEND) will be waiting for you. She is, and wants to know where you were. For some reason you don’t want to tell her about (GUY), so you just tell her that you went to the wrong bar and leave it at that.

    For the next few weeks you can’t stop thinking about (GUY). You find yourself looking for him on your way to school and around town. Although you are in (COUNTRY) for another two months, you don’t see him again.

    You have had a blast in (COUNTRY), and are sad when you have to leave to go back to (COLLEGE). Even though you don’t tell anyone, you are also sad that you didn’t see (GUY) again. As you fly back across the Atlantic, you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever see him again. You doubt it, but you can’t help hoping you will.

    To be continued…

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