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Thread: Ambrose

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    I love Ambrose, it's up there with Angus for me - I have both down as potential middle names if I can ever get DH to move Theodore to the first name spot (it's not looking promising unfortunately).

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    I do like Ambrose! I've thought about it as a nod to my grandfather whose name was Amos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    I adore Ambrose. So handsome and dignified. I love that it's a boy's name that contains "rose" and almost "amber" too.
    It reminds me of everything that's sensuous about church- rose windows filtering sunlight, incense, beautiful hymns, the feeling of strength in tenderness..
    And I think it's totally wearable!
    Love what you said!
    Thanks everyone!
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    Ambrose is excellent and sadly underused. It's dignified, handsome, and steeped in history. Ambrose would be so refreshing to hear. Please use it!

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    Ambrose is dashing, but perhaps not the most wearable. I've always thought Bram is a good, if slightly counter-intuitive, nn for Ambrose.

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