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    Opinions on these combos?

    So ive been thinking (obsessing) all day about name combos and I'm wanting get some feedback on my favourite three:
    Rufus Beresford nn Rue/Rufie maybe even Bear at home? (Beresford is a family name really important to DH! And I feel I would be indirectly paying tribute to my father and brother both redheads with Rufus!!)
    Louis Zephyr (I like Louis best with sibling Matilda! Both German/French names with very similar meaning mighty in battle/renowned warrior... They are also both Royal. DH and I just both love Zephyr but I'm thinking its best in the middle)
    Atticus Louis nn Kit (LOVE the way Atticus sounds... prefer it in sound to both Louis and Rufus but feel indifferent about meaning compared to other two... However nn kit would be a nod to 3 special Katherine's in my life including my grandma! Had actually considered Kit by itself in the past but a very clever berry suggested in as a nn for Atticus)

    Also considering..and .I know there's a lot of alliteration in the following but I'm a bit of an alliteration fan just wondering if maybe it's too much?!
    Beresford Zephyr nn Bear
    I can't believe I'm considering as a Fn but I love Bear so much I am! dH top pick.
    I also really like...
    Zephyr Beresford (Zep/Zeph just think Zephyr this might be hard to pull off in Fn spot depending on the kid.... Also Matilda and Zephyr sound a bit odd? Also like Zephyr Louis
    And Fergus Zephyr (Gus)... Like Fergus, LOVE Gus... Seems more wearable than some of the other choices.

    Any opinions any opinions welcome on one or a few names I've mentioned! You can be as honest as you like! Which is your favourite of the first three?
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    Fluz, you've done good! These are amazing!

    Rufus Beresford - I'm a big Rufus fan, and Beresford is simply fabulous! Rufus was a roman cognomen, and it was also born by English king William II because of his red hair, so it ties nicely with regal Matilda. And how cute are nick names Rue and Bear?
    Louis Zephyr - Love this one too, for all the reasons you said. I've been in love with the name Louis since I read Virginia Woolf's The Waves.
    Atticus Louis - Again, roman cognomen and has the stately just feel Matilda does. I'm slightly bored by Atticus though (although my nephew who bears this name is beautiful).
    Beresford Zephyr/Zephyr Beresford - I don't think they sound so nice with beautiful Matilda. I love both names, but Matilda is sweet, charming and down to earth, these two are a little out there.
    Fergus Zephyr - My least favourite, I dislike the name Fergus, it makes me think of foul sheep breeders, and for me it clashes horribly with beautiful Zephyr.

    I'd go with Rufus Beresford, and you can cal him Bear all you like! Louis is my second pick.
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    I want to say Louis Zephyr, because they complement each other perfectly and Louis/Louie is a thing of beauty. Just fussiness: the S and the Z do run together in a slightly slightly awkward way.
    Rufus Beresford is adorable! Rough and tumble toddler- yes. Teenage hellion with a crimson mohawk- yes. Dashing and intelligent gentleman- yes. Teddy Roosevelt-esque old character- yes.

    Totally agree with Ottilie- Atticus is a snore! Gus is cute, but Fergus makes me think of long-toothed uncles with liver-spots.

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    I like Atticus best for a first name! I would not use "Rufie" as a nn for Rufus, as that is also what people call the date rape drug. Not sure that I like Atticus with Louis though. It's the same "s" sound at the end I'm not sure about. I much prefer Atticus Beresford! nn's Bear and Kit are both too cute! I also think Atticus and Matilda sound great together!
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    I love Rufus Beresford and Zephyr Beresford. The nn Bear is awesome!

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