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    If you have Bible names for 3 sons, can you go with one that isn't for boy #4

    We are due in early September so just starting to think about names for our child. We currently have three boys named Joshua, Noah and Levi and a daughter named Autumn Grace. In thinking of a fourth boy name, how important is it that we choose a Bible name? Since we have three Bible name boys already, I think it would be pretty odd if we had a fourth boy that doesn't have a Bible name. My husband thinks that we should just choose a name that we like, and not worry if it comes from the Bible. To be honest, after agreeing on three of these theme names, I'm not sure if we could agree on a fourth. My husband and I have very different naming styles, and he has said "no" to all of the ones I have suggested so far. But doesn't Joshua, Noah, Levi and Ezra (for example) just go together so much better than Joshua, Noah, Levi and Owen? And if you think that a non Bible name could work, what type of name would you look for?

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