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    Western names that go with Kenji?

    So, with the help of opinions from my previous thread, my husband and I have decided we don't want to use Japanese names anymore for first names. However, we're stuck on western names. Our son's name is Kenji and we're finding it difficult to come up with western names that feel the same as Kenji because we can't see past it being Japanese. I think any outside perspective would help.

    Any western names, girls and boys, that go with Kenji? Do you think Kenji fits into any themes, other than Japanese?

    The names we came up with are Hugo and Otto. Some suggestions we liked were Esme, Nico, Enzo, Remy...

    Any name suggestions, though, are appreciated, as we are really stuck. No name or theme is too out there as we love all types of names. TIA .

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