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    Would appreciate name help

    We're having our second child in about two weeks, and are struggling with the name. We don't know whether it's a boy or a girl. We like classic names, and while it's okay for it to be relatively popular and kind of cool, we aren't really into super trendy (i.e., the top 10 or names that have gone from a rank of 900 to 40 in two years).

    If a boy, we have it narrowed to:
    - Charles
    - Oliver
    - Theodore
    - Linus (my wild card)

    If a girl, we have it narrowed to:
    - Scarlett (probably the trendiest we're comfortable with, and it's pushing the envelope for us)
    - Jane
    - Vivian
    - Katherine
    - Beatrix (my wild card)


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    Oliver feels a little trendy to me. Charles and Theodore are classic goodness. I love Linus, too, although it seems to be one of those names women like more than men.

    I like your girls names too, although Scarlett and Vivian also feel sorta celeb baby name trendy. Beatrix is fantastic. If the x makes it wild, why not Beatrice? It's lovely. I like Katherine but Kate is a bit overused these days and I abhor Kat. Jane is the LBD of names. So classy and literary and versatile.

    All are great choices.
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    What a gorgeous list of names!! Jane and Catherine(this spelling) are my favs from your list. I also like Scarlett. I like all your boy names! Charles and Oliver seem the most "classic". Linus is great!

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    Charles: Classic and currently underused compared to how popular it used to be. One of my favorite classic names. Has a good meaning and good history behind it.

    Oliver: Oliver is a classic, but it feels trendy. I have never met an Oliver, but I am sure that will change because the name has shot up so quickly. I think it will keep rising in popularity over the next 10 years. I can picture it making into the top 20. With names like Owen and Olivia rising, O names feels fresh and modern. Also with Oliver being a character in the tv show Arrow, it might get a bit of a boost from that.

    Theodore - Definitely an underused classic. You can't go wrong with Theodore. I think it will rise in popularity, but not by much.

    Linus - I prefer Lionel. It sounds less nerdy and has a handsome meaning.

    Scarlett - I really like Scarlett even though it is trendy. Whenever I played the Clue board game as child (it was my favorite board game), I was always Miss Scarlett. She seemed so sophisticated and elegant. Still love the name.

    Jane - I like Jane because of Jane Austen and Jane Eyre. You can't go wrong with it. I do prefer it in the middle name spot because it seems a little plain.

    Vivian - This name has been growing on me. I prefer the Vivienne spelling, but either way it is lovely. It does feel a little trendy, but that's because it was almost unheard of until recently.

    Katherine - A classic and one of my favorites. Love the nn Kate or Kat. I prefer it spelled Catherine.

    Beatrix - One of my favorite names. It is gonna climb higher, but I don't think it will ever hit top 100.

    Ultimately, I would use Charles or Theodore for a boy. I prefer Charles. For a girl, I would have a hard time choosing between Katherine and Beatrix.
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    From your boys list, I like Charles and Theodore. Will your baby be given a middle name? Theodore Charles would make a very handsome combo and the meaning would be something like "free gift of God"

    From your girls list, Beatrix is my favourite, though I also like Vivian & Jane.
    Beatrix is edgier and Beatrice is a softer version, but both names are lovely and have a great meaning. You didn't ask for combos, but just I case, how about:
    Beatrix Jane
    Beatrix Katherine
    Vivian Jane
    Vivian Katherine

    Scarlett isn't my style.
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