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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. It's so helpful. Keep them coming . The names we both liked so far are Felix, Milo, Matilda, Esme, Anya, Ariella, Aldo, Inigo, Wyatt, Ezra, Hazel, Rohan, and Leo.

    Blade- I agree with the vowel ending, more so with boys, as I think it fits better with Kenji.

    Sleepysessha- sorry, I totally forgot about the whole western cowboy thing. I meant names that are from western cultures or are familiar, not super popular though, in western countries, rather than the far eastern names. I love cowboy/girl names, but my husband doesn't.

    Milliemm- you're totally right. What I mean is that I want my children to sound like they're from the same family, but their names don't have to be too obviously connected. In fact, I don't like it when they are, which is also why we aren't doing all Japanese...

    I think the names we mostly like are not too popular, vintage, offbeat, quirky names with a history and meaning. Any names like that?

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    What about Blaze/Blaise?

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