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    Valentino?? What do you guys think?

    It's a new name I have just come across... I have always had a secret love for Valentine. But #1 I could never have the nerve to name my son Valentine (ONLY) because of the teasing he would get and #2 I'm due in June anyways. Valentino is starting to grow on me because of it's closeness to Valentine without the teasing potential...thinking of asking Theo about putting it on the list.

    The only problem I have with it though is the ending 'Tino'. It's the reason I haven't considered it before. I have always preferred the softer sounding 'tine' ending on Valentine.

    Plus I can't think of any nicknames. Obviously I don't want to use Tino, and Val or Valley sounds too feminine.

    Also, does it still spring thoughts of February even though it isn't Valentine? That's important to me because he will (hopefully) be born in June and it could be a pain to constantly be asked "Was he born around Valentine's Day?"

    Grr... confused

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    I love it! While I am reminded of Valentine's day with Valentino, it still wouldn't make me think he was born around that time. It's only a vague association. Also, it's a name I think everyone will know how to pronounce. If you were to go with Valentine, most people would say Val-en-tie-n instead of Val-en-tee-n. Heck, where I live, Valentine's Day is usually said "ValenTIME's Day." Wth? Anyway, Vee might be a cute nn. And Allen might be one that isn't as obvious.

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    It makes me think of the fashion designer. I think there's a fashion designer with that name anyway. People wear it to the Oscars and stuff.
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    I think of the fashion house and it's designer. He makes beautiful dresses and coats and jewellery and other pretty things. I'd love to meet a little Valentino. And I think it's cheesier to name a child Valentino/Valentine/Valentina if they're born around 14th February actually.
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    I'm all for a little Valentino! And I for one think the nn Val is quite sturdy and handsome. If you're still looking for alternatives, I would urge you to consider Valen, Valencio, Valent, Viggo, Valerian, Vander, or Vaughn. \

    If you need some inspiration in going for the name Valentine nn Val, take a look at this stylish mama who used the name:
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