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    Nickname for Abigail


    I have a 10 month old named Abigail Grace. I love the name Abigail, but saying a 3 syllable name seems a bit much sometimes. Most of our family calls her Abby, but it doesn't feel right to me. Are there any other nicknames that would work on occasion? Would Belle or Libby work? Or should I just get used to Abby?


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    Abigail Grace is beautiful!!!
    Obvious NN's choices include: Abby and Gail or Gale or Gayle.

    Alternative NN options for Abigail... (some of which might be a bit of a stretch)
    Ace (Abigail graCE)
    Lacey (abigaiL grACE)
    Bia (aBIgAil grace)

    Belle and Libby feel a little to out there fore me - mostly because with more out there nn's I like being able to find the letters in the correct order in the actual name. But then again I did suggest Lacey...
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    Abby and Gail are the most obvious, but I think Billie or Ally could work if you're okay with a little bit of a stretch!

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    I think Belle or Libby are a bit of a stretch, but Libby is more usable. I actually think Abigail nn Libby is cute. There's Gail, but it's pretty dated. Most Abigails I know are either Abby, Abbs, or Abigail. I think Abigail nn Libby (or maybe even Bea/Bee or Gigi?) is cute, though. I actually really like the idea of Gigi--for the "G" in Abigail, and the "G" in Grace.
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    lexium has some great ideas. Belle seems out of nowhere to me; Libby is a stretch but I think it could work.
    Also a bit of a stretch, but another idea is to call her "B"/"Bea", which I suppose is kind of like a nickname for Abby, even!

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