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    Seph, Jay, Jack, or Joss? as nickname for Joseph?

    I am planning on naming our son Joseph Arthur. Our children all have a Hebrew first name and middle names are after family members. I like Joseph enough but it isnt a name I would have normally picked. Most everyones name gets shortened by family members and I definitely can't see using Joe or Joey.

    These are all acceptable nicknames for Joseph, I think Jack is difficult but has been used and I do like it.

    I really like Seph but figure everyone would hear Seth. Do you know any Josephs that go by other nicknames besides the usual Joe or Joey? Which nickname would you use?
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    I think Jay and Joss are great! The only other nickname that's not Joe or Joey I've heard is Josie (pronounced Joe-Zee), and it worked really well. Joseph Arthur is fantastic, by the way!
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    I really like Jack as a nickname for Joseph. I only know one Joseph who is about seven or eight and just goes by Joseph no nicknames. Joseph Arthur is a lovely name and I think it goes nicely with Noah and Eliana.

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    Joss is cool!

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    Jay gets my vote!
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