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    Archer - I affiliate it with a sicko detective
    Atticus - I love this name. Very trendy right now.
    Augustine - Very strong and handsome. I love the nn Gus.
    Ava - This is getting too popular. There will be an Ava in every class in 2020 or two or three.
    Azalea - Great flower name. Not very popular either.
    Cassius - Great name! Love the nn Cass too.
    Circe - VEry unique for those who want to be out there.
    Elodie - Way too sweet, reminds me of Candy.
    Elspeth - Lovely vintage & feminine. A great sub for Elizabeth.
    Emme - Too cutsie. I don't think this would age well.
    Evelyne - Oh, I love it! One of my favorites and my daughter's name!
    Francine - Again, my top name that is very French, Feminine, and Fabulous. This is a name that goes back through 8 generations in my family and I'm very honored to have it!
    Genevieve - It is an old fashioned name that exudes beauty. I love it!
    Giselle - Another beautiful name. It has been in my top 10 names.
    Grace - Lovely virtue name. My favorite one.
    Gus - My favorite nn for a boy. I love this one.
    Hadley - Trendy with a cute spin...reminds me of Hanna & Ahsley.
    Hannah - This one grew on me, but I much prefer Anna.
    Harlow - This is a great glamour name. I like it a lot.
    Harper - This is the one surname that I do Not like. It reminds me of killing seals & whales.
    Isla - It's getting way too popular and reminds me of lacing up my skids.
    Jackson - Way too popular too. I prefer Jon much more.
    Jasmine - Lovely name and spicey sound.
    Kieran - Not my style. Sounds cracked.
    Kitty - Cute. I like it as a nn for Kate or Katherine
    Liesel - Very romantic. The association with the Sound of Music will make it timeless.
    Nicole - Another pretty name. I love it as a mn.
    Paula - Not a big fan.
    Phoebe - Cute name, but the association with Friends keeps it off my list.
    Piper - I like this simply because it sounds cool.
    Pippa - No, not a fan. Sounds very childish. I remember hearing it be the sister of Dutchess Kate, and was so appauled. Reminds me of Longstockings.
    Poppy - No, just NO....
    Primrose - No, I thought this name was a joke when I first heard it, too mushy sweetness. I couldn't imagine the laughs this name would get and the embarrassment behind it.
    Sena - Not too fond of this one.
    Seraphina - I love the sound of it, but I believe it would be hard to live with. Images of Angels all around is nice, but hard to live up to for a child.
    Siri - So cute. I love this one. One of my favorite short names.
    Sophia - Lovely but so "Old Lady" If I could get past the Golden Girls I might like it?
    Violet - Too Willy Wonka for me.
    Virtue - Again, too much to live up to like Charish, Lovey, or Faith.
    Zen - It sounds quirky, but again, a lot for a child to live up to.

    This was fun! I don't mean to offend any one with my opinions. Love this site and the people here!
    Mama to the Beautiful - Evelyn Francine Alia and the Handsome Isaac Francis Azriel

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