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    Opinions on the names in the cloud

    Share your opinions on the names in the cloud right now. or make sibsets or first/middle combos.

    right now the names are:
    girls - Billie, Edith, Emma, Eve, Flora, Francine, Guinevere, Josephine, Leah, Luna, Margaret, Margot, Mila, Penelope, Rose, Sophie, Stella, Vilda, Willa
    boys - Aiden, Charlie, Cormac, Darcy, Declan, Elliot, Emory, Everly, Finn, Gaetano, Gordon, Gorky, Isaac, Leo, Lucas, Lukas, Max, Michael, Ryan, Seneca, Viggo

    I like them today!
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    I like most of them, more so than usual lol
    Alexander "Xander" ~ Andrew ~ Charles "Charlie" ~ James ~ Lawrence ~ Leonard ~ Patrick ~ Philip ~ Richard ~ Robert ~ William "Liam"

    Alice ~ Catherine "Cate" ~ Elisabeth "Bettie" ~ Ellen ~ Hannah ~ Lucy ~ Margaret "Maggie" ~ Rachel ~ Rosana ~ Sallie

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    Billie - interesting, wouldn't use it but it's okay
    Edith- hate it, sorry
    Emma-meh, I know dozens
    Eve- love, one of my favorites
    Flora - okay, sorta interesting, wouldn't use it, but I kinda like it
    Francine - hate
    Guinevere - beautiful, but too loaded for my taste
    Josephine - okay, sorta like it
    Leah - meh, it's fine
    Luna - okay, it's very pretty, I love it as a mn, but isn't the most appealing sound combo
    Margaret - meh, okay
    Margot- okay, bit cheerleaderish but I don't hate it
    Mila- not a pleasant sound to me, mealy....
    Penelope - okay, I think it's fun, I wouldn't use it but I like that it's interesting and has a lot of options
    Rose - fine
    Sophie - I know a bunch but it's okay
    Stella - meh
    Vilda - yuck
    Willa - interesting I sorta like it

    Aiden- snore
    Charlie- cute
    Cormac - not a pleasant sound but I don't hate it
    Darcy - girls name
    Declan - decline
    Elliot -soft
    Emory - meh
    Everly- girls name
    Finn - love
    Gaetano - never heard of it
    Gordon - horrible
    Gorky - even worse
    Isaac - classic
    Leo - love
    Lucas/Lukas - like
    Max - dog
    Michael - classic
    Ryan - 80's
    Seneca - meh, I'm not into the Greek/Roman vibe--Maximus, Caesar, Augustus, etc. just nms
    Viggo - vigor, we go, just don't like it.
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    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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    Billie - Not my style, but cute enough.
    Edith - Too old lady-ish for my tastes, though it doesn't repulse me like it used to. Downton Abbey could facilitate its comeback.
    Emma - Classic and pretty but too popular.
    Eve - Lovely middle name, though I wouldn't use it as a first.
    Flora - Seems fit for a fairy or a princess (maybe a fairy princess?), but it's a beautiful, elegant name.
    Francine - Reminds me of "Arthur", the children's show. A very average name, in my opinion.
    Guinevere - Again, has a very fantasy vibe. Pretty, though.
    Josephine - Stunning and timeless.
    Leah - A bit dated, but okay.
    Luna - I can't quite get over the Harry Potter reference, but it's a solid, interesting name.
    Margaret - Simple but charming.
    Margot - Margaret's fresher cousin. Love this one!
    Mila - Lovely. Short and sweet, it rolls off the tongue. The gorgeous Mila Kunis seems to be helping this one.
    Penelope - Yet another pop culture reference (baby Kardashian). This one's actually growing on me--great rhythm to it.

    Aiden - Ehh. Nothing special about it.
    Charlie - Like it as a nickname for Charles.
    Cormac - Love! Strong and unique.
    Darcy - Okay, but a bit on the feminine side.
    Declan - One of my recent favorites. Uncommon but not unheard of, it strikes the perfect balance.
    Elliot - Respectable, sophisticated, historic.
    Emory - Not a favorite, but there's nothing wrong with it.
    Everly - Again, seems a bit feminine.
    Finn - A former favorite of mine, though Glee's ruined it somewhat for me. I prefer Flynn.
    Gaetano - Not familiar with this one. A little out there.
    Gordon - Okay. More of a last name to me.
    Gorky - What?
    Isaac - Never been crazy about this one, but it's nice enough.
    Leo - Love it! By itself or as a nickname, Leo shines.
    Lucas - A tad boring, but fine.
    Lukas - Same as Lucas. Indifferent about the 'k'.
    Max - Love, though I prefer it as a nickname. Such a sturdy name.
    Michael - No thanks.
    Ryan - Not interesting enough.
    Seneca - Now that's something different.
    Viggo - Compelling, though I wouldn't use it myself.

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    Billie- hate boy names on girls. Okay if used as a nickname for a feminine name- Belinda, Wilhelmina, etc.
    Edith- too old lady
    Emma- nice, but on the boring side
    Eve- ok
    Flora- like, very sweet
    Francine- sounds frumpy to me
    Guinevere- This is a one-person name to me
    Josephine- boring and too old lady
    Leah- I like it, but unfortunately the first reference that comes to mind is Amber's daughter on Teen Mom.
    Luna- not a fan at all.
    Margaret- I like the nicknames more than the full name, but would never use the nicknames on their own
    Margot- okay
    Mila- like
    Penelope- like
    Rose- okay
    Sophie- like
    Stella- like
    Vilda- dislike
    Willa- very sweet, this name has been growing on me

    boys -
    Aiden- I have liked it spelled Aidan for a looooong time now. I strongly dislike the trendy -en spelling.
    Charlie- Cute nn, not good as a full name.
    Cormac- Love! On my list
    Darcy- LOVE! Would be on my list if DH did not hate a guy named Darcy. I went to HS with 3 male Darcys and it's not at all uncommon for guys where I'm from so I see it as primarily male name.
    Declan-like, but becoming too trendy for me.
    Elliot- Solid
    Emory- Meh, fine
    Everly- Too girly
    Finn- Love Finlay, but Finn seems really trendy to me.
    Gaetano- Love Gaetan (French), if I had any Italian heritage I could go for this
    Gordon- Solid
    Gorky- NO
    Isaac- Meh, fine
    Leo- Meh, fine
    Lucas- Solid but a bit on the dull side for me
    Lukas- This legit spelling variant makes it a bit less boring for me.
    Max- Meh, fine
    Michael- Meh, fine
    Ryan- A modern classic that I love
    Seneca- I think of the native tribe before the Roman reference, so it feels too cultural appropriation-ish for me to be used as a first name.
    Viggo- I'd assume any non-Scandinavian who used it was an uber Viggo Mortenson fan

    I find the boy list much more interesting and appealing than the girls.
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