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    Now on the cloud is: Alouette Arya Astrid Aurora Axel Charlotte Declan Edgar Eleanor Elodie Eloise Elsie Everett Francine Hanson Imogen Indira Isaac Jett Josephine Josie Levi Margaret Margot Nico Owen Rae Rainbow Rhiannon Ronan Rose Rowan Ruby Sawyer Seneca Simone Siobhan Violet Von Wren

    All very nice names! I'm so happy to see my name up there too!

    My favorites for sibsets would be:

    Rose, Josie, Isaac & Levi -
    Alouette, Francine, Margot & Simone

    Favorite names I'd consider definately:

    Francine, Aurora & Siobhan
    Sawyer, Axel & Owen
    Mama to the Beautiful - Evelyn Francine Alia and the Handsome Isaac Francis Azriel

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    Billie - A GP of mine.
    Edith - Gorgeous!
    Emma - Boring and overused.
    Eve - Nothing exciting.
    Flora - Cute enough.
    Francine - I don't like.
    Guinevere - One of my favourites.
    Josephine - Another favourite.
    Leah - Nice enough.
    Luna - Another favourite.
    Margaret - Lovely.
    Margot - Nice, but doesn't age well.
    Mila - Cute, but not my style.
    Penelope - Yuck.
    Rose - Lovely as a first name.
    Sophie - Cute.
    Stella - Stunning!
    Vilda - Interesting.
    Willa - Cute.

    Aiden - Don't like.
    Charlie - Cute nickname.
    Cormac - Not a fan.
    Darcy - Not a fan.
    Declan - Nice enough, but overused.
    Elliot - Don't like.
    Emory - Too feminine to me as my neighbour is named Emery.
    Everly - Also too feminine.
    Finn - Cute.
    Gaetano - Not a fan.
    Gordon - Not a fan.
    Gorky - ?????
    Isaac - Handsome, but too popular.
    Leo - Handsome.
    Lucas - Eh.
    Lukas - Eh.
    Max - Boring.
    Michael - So-So.
    Ryan - Over it.
    Seneca - Too feminine.
    Viggo - Love it!
    [FONT=Times New Roman][CENTER][SIZE=2]Renaming myself;
    something quirky, British and elegant.[/SIZE]
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    Billie - Dislike, even as a nickname.
    Edith - Love! Especially with Edie as a nickname.
    Emma - Pretty, but too popular.
    Eve - Nice in the middle name spot, but too short as a first name.
    Flora - Not my cup of tea. I prefer Fleur and Florence.
    Francine - Again, not my style.
    Guinevere - Prefer Genevieve.
    Josephine - Lovely. I like it as a middle name.
    Leah - I knew too many Leahs growing up. Too 90's.
    Luna - Very fresh and pretty.
    Margaret - Okay as a middle name.
    Margot - Much fresher than Margaret. I'd use it as a middle name only.
    Mila - Cute but not something I'd use.
    Penelope - Love! Elegant and timeless.
    Rose - Beautiful name. Rosie is a sweet nickname.
    Sophie - Nice, but very popular so I'd never use it.
    Stella - Pretty.
    Vilda - Not my style. Sounds too harsh.
    Willa - Nice enough, but not my style.

    Aiden - Too popular and boring.
    Charlie - Cute as a nickname.
    Cormac - Starting to like this one.
    Darcy - I used to HATE this name with a passion but I'm starting to like it.
    Declan - Love.
    Elliot - Eh, kinda boring. I know a lot of Elliots.
    Emory - Sounds too trendy.
    Ellery - See above.
    Finn - Like, although I'd never use it.
    Gaetano - Dislike.
    Gordon - Reminds me of a middle aged man. Dislike.
    Gorky - Nope.
    Isaac - Solid choice, though a little boring.
    Leo - Love! Although I prefer Leon.
    Lucas - Like Isaac, it's a solid choice, though somewhat boring. There's a lot of Lukes and Lucas' running around.
    Lukas - Prefer Lucas.
    Max - Nice enough, but still a little boring.
    Michael - Hate this name. Boring and overused.
    Ryan - I like it, but it's overused.
    Seneca - Not really a fan of this.
    Viggo - HATE.

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumtrees View Post
    Darcy - I used to HATE this name with a passion but I'm starting to like it.
    I agree, it's growing on me!
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    Billie - Can be cute, but I know too many boys called Billy.
    Edith - Still too old-fashioned to make a comeback.
    Emma - Love it, but becoming very common.
    Eve - Cute.
    Flora - Sweet, but only suits a certain type of girl; she might end up hating it.
    Francine - Never been a favourite of mine, sounds a bit like a bully's name, not sure why.
    Guinevere - I quite like it, IF Evie is a viable nickname.
    Josephine - Josie is sweet.
    Luna - A favourite.
    Margaret/Penelope - Maggie/Penny is cute, but overall an old-fashioned name.
    Margot - Not the prettiest name, but strong.
    Mila/Willa/Vilda/Leah - Short and strong but pretty, prefer Leah.
    Rose - Love, but mainly as a nickname.
    Stella - Never been a favourite, quite harsh.
    Sophie - Soft and pretty but common.

    Aiden - Prefer Aidan (original Irish spelling, I think?)
    Charlie/Ryan/Max - Strong and suits most boys, but common.
    Cormac/Declan - Strong, not bad, prefer Cormac.
    Darcy - Girly, too strongly affiliated with Pride and Prejudice.
    Emory/Everly/Gorky/Seneca - Definitely not.
    Viggo - Mortensen.
    Michael - Common and I've never understood why.
    Finn/Elliot - Okay.
    Leo - Love.
    Isaac/Lucas/Lukas - Nice names.
    Gaetano - Hard to get away with.
    Gordon - Too blunt and old-fashioned.

    Emma Margot - Rose Guinevere - Leah Sophie - Luna Josephine
    Leo Ryan - Aiden Cormac - Lukas Max - Charlie Elliot - Isaac Finn
    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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