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    Please help Berries

    I'm new to nameberry and am here by the advice of a friend Milly aka emilymaryjane. I have a massive trouble that apparently only you lot can sort out.
    Me and my partner have very different styles I have a Persephone Elizabeth Rose "Persey" and he has twins named Rhylee Isabella and Emmersyn Maree. We are expecting another one. My favourite girls name is Imogen and his is Luca. Can you please help berries.

    xxx Cassi
    Cassarah proud mummy bear to: Persephone Elizabeth Rose aka Persey aged 2
    Step mummy to the darling Rhylee Isabella and Emmersyn Maree aged 5
    Expecting baby number 4.
    A girl will Juniper Cleo Sawyer aka Juno
    A boy will be Tobias William Jack aka Toby

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    I responded to your post in the boys forum. Hopefully I will be of some help. Again, if you are unable to budge either way for your top choices, compromising with a new choice might be something to consider. Somewhere between unusual/classic and trendy (seems like he likes gender bending/unisex for girls too) is what I'll be shooting for:

    Jocelyn nn Joss - A beautiful classic that started out as a male name (not that it would thought of a gender neutral or masculine today) and has a route to a tomboyish nickname, Joss. Might be a contender.

    Sidonia nn Sid
    Aurora nn Rory
    Cordelia nn Cord/Cori/Del
    Sybil nn Billie
    Katarina nn Kat

    Leila - I like the sound of it with your girls names. It is a traditional name with a trendy sound. Could be appealing.

    Are any of these appealing?
    "Don't try to be modern, it's the most old-fashioned thing there is," - Attilio, The Tiger and the Snow

    Domenico, Gianfranco, Giacomo, Antonio, Raphael, Calogero, Leopold, Angelo, Giorgio, Alban, Malachi, Dante, Mirek, Dario, Lionel, Asa, Valerio
    Katarina, Irena, Silvia, Aniela, Delfina, Raffaella, Apollonia, Cecilia, Pasqualina, Rosina, Josephine, Allegra, Romana, Alba, Bronya, Adrasteia, Vincenza, Althea, Eurydice, Regina, Mirellina, Arianell, Sonia, Talia, Cordelia, Leona/Leonie

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    Wow, that is tough when you have different naming styles. I really like teacherma's suggestions, especially Jocelyn nn Joss, Aurora nn Rory and Katarina nn Kat.
    Others y'all might like are:
    Alexandria nn Alex
    Valentina nn Valen
    Matilda nn Mattie

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    Names that tie together your daughter and step daughters names...
    Persephone, Rhylee, Emmersyn, and
    Cassandra nn Cassie
    Theodora nn Thea

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