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    Due in 4 weeks--please help narrow down our girl names.

    Here are the names we like...what do you think? Please help us narrow it down. Thanks!


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    My favourite is Caroline - it is steadily growing on me and I wouldn't be surprised if it made it into my list, I think it is elegant, timeless, classic, and a realy beauty. Elise I have nothing against but it doesn't excite me and feels a bit stale and stodgy. I grew up with tons of Abigails so I find the name so overused and boring, I don't mind Abi / Abby as a name on it's own but I dislike the name Gail and therefore the gail sound at the end of Abigail. Lastly I just can't get behind Audrey, everyone seems to be raaving about it but I find it dated, ugly and very old-ladyish (sorry!), but since everyone else seems to like it, it will also probably become popular pretty quickly. so yeah, my choice is Caroline.
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    I love Elise, but don't like the rest. What about Elise Abrielle, Elise Arianna, Elise Amanda, Elise Madeline...

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    My favorite is Abigail. It's classic, a, elegant name said in full with ample opportunity for spunky nicknames.

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    Caroline and Elise are my favorites! You can't go wrong with them. Audrey is also lovely. Abigail is nice, but a little too popular for my taste.
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