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    Middle Name for Ezra

    Hi everyone!

    We just found out we are expecting a boy in July. My Maternal Grandfather Eugene passed away in January and we would like to honor him by giving our son an "E" first name. I loved my grandfather but I can't see using the name Eugene in the first or middle spots. My top two picks are Eli and Ezra, but I am leaning more towards Ezra due to Eli's popularity (it is especially in the northeast, where we live)

    My late paternal grandfather's name was Lewis. I like the sound of Ezra Lewis, but I am hesitant to use Lewis as a middle, because I love the name and would potentially use it for a first name if we ever had another son (or even a middle name for a future daughter)

    So.. What other middle names sound nice with Ezra???

    A little bit about our family: We live in the northern Catskill mountains and love the outdoors. I love the idea of nature names but we own a restaurant in a ski resort town so I don't want to use anything too obviously related to winter sports or food. We also love music, particularly classic rock. My husband and I met in New York City and lived there together for 5 years. We are both Jewish and our last name has two syllables and ends with N.


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    Not sure if you're up to using a different form of Eugene, but I think Ezra Gene would be nice.

    Other options:
    Ezra David
    Ezra Nathaniel
    Ezra James
    Ezra Michael
    Ezra Charles
    Ezra Joseph

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