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    Lisa Ling's Daughter

    Lisa Ling and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, just had their first daughter... Jett Ling Song.

    What do you think of the name?

    I really like this name for a boy, not so much on a girl.

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    It is different and nms, but I do not think it is too weird at all.
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    It doesn't work for a girl. I don't like it that much for a boy either though.
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    When I first saw Jett, on the homepage, I originally thought Lisa Ling, had a baby boy. It is defiantly usual, but seems to be an ongoing celebrity trend of giving daughters gender confusing names (ie. Maxwell, Elliot, Ezra, etc). I wonder if she has a feminine middle name?

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    There was a contestant on American Idol this season who's name was Bridget Hermano. She's 25 and went by "Jett Hermano". I think it can work for a girl.

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