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    I love Hawthorne but couldn't think of a way to shorten it. I'm not sure I love Hawk though. I also don't like Northrup at all, North is OK. What about Hawthorne and Thelonius nn Tully?
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    I find Northrup a bit odd, especially the suffix 'rup', there's something weird about it. I'm sorry. I think I'd use Northcliff or just North. Hawthorne is cute but that's because I can't resist any boy names which contain th.
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    Thumbs up from me.

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    niusity, I too am a sucker for names with 'th' in them! Kinda obvious with these two names haha.

    I see all of your resistance to Northrop - and the 'rop' ending is what would make it hard for me to use this name in real life too.

    I love the suggestion of Thorne as an alternate nn to Hawthorne. Actually, Thorn & North would make pretty cool brothers if the parents were into that matchy matchy thing (all same letters just arranged diff).

    Thanks for your reactions!
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    This is so funny, I've been trying to find the perfect middle for Caspian, and right now Caspian North and Caspian Hawthorne are in my top five! So I would definitely use Hawthorne, although I prefer North over Northrop.
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