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    The only think I don't love about Ignatius James is that both names end in -s sounds, which gets a little breathy/hissy (esp. since James is short, so they're almost back to back unlike James Ignatius would be). I myself would sub in a different middle name (perhaps James has a deep family meaning, though?) and hold on to Ignatius. Nate or Nash are dreamy nicknames that help keep Ignatius from seeming too out there.

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    Ignatius is a great name but yeah, it's kinda difficult. It's definitely the most whoa!-worthy of all the names on your list. I know you already know that and I guess you're trying to gauge how extreme the reaction is going to be, but of course that depends on the person, and also how well your child will handle it, and of course that depends on your child. Naming him Ignatius WILL set him apart from the crowd and give him a name that will always draw comments. I love the idea of Nate or even Nash or Nat as a more "normal" fallback if you end up with a tender-hearted little boy. And I'll go against the crowd here and say I think Iggy is adorable, though it's gotta be the only kid who will brush it off if Iggy devolves into Piggy.

    There are similarities between Ignatius and your other choices but I do think it's the toughest of the bunch. Augustine, Raphael, and Xavier are all very handsome with a lot of style and history but kind of morph more easily into cool guy names Gus, Raph or Rafi and X. While I like to think that I would be brave enough to go with Ignatius, I'm afraid that in real life I might opt for one of your other, also-wonderful choices.

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!
    Pam Satran

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    Isn't Ignatius a rock? I'm sorry, I am not a fan. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by madi13 View Post
    Isn't Ignatius a rock? I'm sorry, I am not a fan. :-)
    That's Igneous.

    I actually really like Ignatius. I think Iggy is almost inevitable, but I like it. Pam brings up an excellent point about it devolving into Piggy. My mind didn't go there, but I'm probably not as imaginative as your average 8 year old.
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    Be brave! I would love to meet an Ignatius. Uncommon names are becoming increasingly common; chances are you would be surprised if you looked at the roster of your local elementary school. Ignatius isn't any more or less elaborate than Isabella, and with names like Augustus, Sebastian, and Maximilian seeing fair use, I don't think that Ignatius will stand out as much as you think it will. Is Ignatius a bold choice? Certainly! But it's so much better to take the risk.

    I like the possibility of Nate as a "tame" nickname.

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