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    Future new kitten!

    Hello everyone! I am thinking of getting a about five thinking of names is WAY ahead of the game but I'm a name nerd and am beyond excited about finally getting a pet!

    I like really classic, vintage names. I think I want to get a girl kitty but most of the names I've been thinking of are boy names. I've thought of Phineas, Dexter, Misha, Frederick (although I want to use that for a future child so I should probably steer clear).

    As for girl names, I want to use the middle name Maeve. (I'm aware it's weird to give a cat a middle name.) Combos I like:
    Violet Maeve
    Vivienne "Vivvy" Maeve
    Olive, though this one doesn't sound right with Maeve.
    Isadora "Izzy" Maeve

    Which is your favorite, and which names would you add?

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    Oh wow, we have a really similar taste in names! (I also give my pets middle names, so it can't be that weird!)

    When I get a boy cat, I'd love to name him Dexter. And for a girl, I'd really like Tallulah so that I can call her Tally Cat or Lula. You're welcome to use that - Tallulah Maeve sounds lovely! From your list, I really like Violet Maeve.

    Other suggestions:
    Lucille Maeve (Lucy)
    Iris Maeve
    Ruby Maeve
    Rosamund/Rosalind Maeve (Rosie)
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    Male kittens are a lot friendlier if youre looking for a cuddly kitten just a heads up
    females tend to be moody as they age

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    For a girl I am digging Izzy for a kitty! Too cute! I havent had a girl cat so I can't give you tips on that.

    For a boy, I like Dexter. My auntie has a cat called Dexter and he's cool 8-) I have had 2 male cats, one had the overused name Tom, but the other has the rather girly name Cookie. (They don't match what so ever, there was like 5 years in between them so they never met.)

    Current favourite girl names

    Penelope, Daphne, Phoebe, Persephone, Athena,

    Current favourite boy names

    Toby, Harry, Mason, Evan, Oliver,

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    I really like Olive best, but you're right it doesn't go with Maeve.
    I like Viola more than Violet when paired with Maeve. Uhm...
    Tinka Maeve would be a cute kitty name!
    Catori Maeve
    Delilah Meave
    Krypta Maeve
    Opal Maeve
    Lura Maeve (I like this one a lot!)
    Eteri Maeve
    Arista Maeve (Like the Aristocats show)
    Okay, and I've always wanted a little grey kitten named Puddles! :P

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