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    Going to comment on my favorites from your list.

    Gideon - I have no idea why people would think this name is weird. It's a well established (and biblical) name with a great sound to it. If reactions are all that's holding you back with this name, I say use it.

    Alfred - Yay! I really like Alfred and Alfie even more. I would love to meet a little Alfred.

    Malcolm - Love it. Love Firefly. Very cool name.

    Peregrine/Percival - Perry and Percy have grown on me immensely as nn's. Both of your choices here are wonderful, but I think Percival won't have any spelling or pronunciation issues, whereas Peregrine might. Just a thought.

    Samuel - I adore Samuel. I think that it's a great, strong name and you couldn't go wrong using it.

    Theodore - I understand why you wouldn't use this, but I'd just like to say this is my favorite. It's a very handsome name

    In short, with Josephine and Eliza, my order of preference would be as such: Theodore, Gideon, Samuel, Malcolm, Alfred, Percival, Peregrine. All great names, though . Good luck with the coming days and labor!
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    My favorite is also Gideon. I think there are several pop culture references to Gideon (though the only one I can think of is a character on a crime fighting show like CSI or something) so I don't think its too obscure. Definitely wearable for a boy and a man. Beside Gabriel is gaining in popularity and Gideon is similar so I think he'd fit in with his peers.

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    You have great taste! It sounds to me like your favorite is Gideon. If you love it, go for it! It's a lovely, strong, classic name. I think Theodore also fits nicely with your daughters. Best!

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    I agree that if Gideon is your favourite (and it's a great name!), you should go with it. How about Gideon Theodore? That way, you can use Theodore in a more subtle way, which could pay homage to your mom's dog without traumatizing your mother.

    The other good thing about this is that a more common middle name could give your son options if he's not crazy about Gideon for whatever reason.

    The other thing to consider is that people often have strong, seemingly negative responses to names that are less familiar or that they haven't considered before. Once that name becomes attached to a little person that they know and love, they often come around to really like the name. So go for it!

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    Gideon was on the top of my list until my parents didn't get it.

    I love Gideon Malcolm Barton. Or Gideon Michael. Or Samuel Gideon.

    Good luck on your delivery!
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