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    Phillip nn Pip could be another option? Phillip Michael Barton?

    I do like Theodore but it sounds like it is out so I vote for Samuel even if it is more popular just because I love the sound of Samuel Barton though Samuel Michael not as much! That aside I also think Gideon or Felix would work (and like both when paired with Michael) Crispin was a name I loved as a little girl so I have a soft spot for it but not sure with DH Chris. I also really enjoy Malcolm but not sure about Malcolm Barton together (or Malcolm Michael... hmmm...) I think Michael Peregrine would be nice as well.

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    Those are all terrific names!

    I particularly like Gideon (three syllables, like your daughters' and goes well with your daughters' names), Alfred (classic, fits well with Josephine and Eliza) and Felix (same reason as Alfred) for you.

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    I love your list and your daughter's names. Josephine and Eliza are beautiful classic gems! I would absolutely go with Gideon. I've only ever met one, but I didn't feel it was weird or outlandish when I met him. Its very handsome and you said that it has special meaning for you, which is even better! There are so many little guys with big strong Old Testament names right now - like Malachi, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Elijah - that Gideon fits in well while keeping his own identity.

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    I love

    1 Samuel
    2 Gideon
    3 Theodore
    Mommy to
    Nils David * Serafina Ann

    Zia, Lorelei, Elowen, Vera, Adeline, Cordelia, Zorah

    Judah, Peter, Fredric, Olin, Dean, Jonah

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    My favorites are Gideon, Malcolm & Alfred. I also love Peregrine but I understand worrying about family. Maybe as a middle if you choose not to go with Michael? Malcolm Peregrine would be pretty stellar

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