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    Aww, congratulations, and good luck on your delivery! Here are my thoughts:

    Gideon: I love the sound and feel of Gideon Barton. They have the same ending, but the syllable count makes it work nicely. It sounds antique and noble, like an American Founding Father. You seem sensitive to how others perceive your name choices, but you really shouldn't let peer pressure scare you away from what you love. Gideon is an ancient name, used for thousands of years. Whether your friends and family like it is really not important. What is important is that YOU like it and your HUSBAND likes it. It's a completely legitimate name! I think it sounds awesome with your daughters' names. I think you should be bold and use it if you truly love it. You only get one chance to name him; don't let people decide what you can and can't use!

    Alfred: Not my style, but Alfred Barton also sounds nice together. Alfred and Eliza work particularly well as sibling names. I don't care for any of the nicknames, or for the full name, but you like it, and as you said, it's a classic and you can't go wrong with those.

    Malcolm: I like the fact that your daughter likes this. That's a nice little touch. I don't know what Firefly is, but I always like when names have a connection to things you love as a couple.

    Peregrine/Percival: Percival Michael isn't an ideal flow, but both Peregrine and Percival are nice names. Again, if you love them, who cares what your family and friends think? It's your baby. When will you get another chance to make such significant bold and expressive choices? People will fall in love with it as they get to know your son.

    Samuel: You are right that this is solid and wearable, but do you love it? It sounds like you don't.

    Sean: You called this "simple" and admitted to liking John better. Unless you truly love Sean, which it sounds like you don't, my advice is to either use John regardless of repeating initials (he will not, after all, be forever tied to his sister, and he will grow up and spread his wings and it will not matter in the long run whether he had a sister with the same initial), or scratch this option off your list.

    Theodore: Yeahhhh, it sounds like this is really off-limits. I mean if were the one name you really wanted to use, I'd say not to let the dog stop you, but since it's just one of many options that you love, perhaps you can eliminate it.

    Felix: If Felix isn't your style, I don't think you should consider using it. You can highlight the meaning of happiness in other ways and don't need to use a name you don't like to proclaim that.

    Crispin: I think it's perfectly acceptable for a son to be named after his father even if the daughters aren't. That sounds sexist, and I don't mean it to be. I mean, fathers and sons have a special bond, as do mothers and daughters...and as do fathers and daughters, mothers and sons. Each of these relationships is special in its own way. The shared Chris sound could be a special father-son thing that should not make the girls jealous; your husband can create other special things with his daughters that don't have to be name-related. I have three sisters, I'm in the middle, and I'm the only one of us named after a parent. My dad gave me my mom's first name for my middle name. There is no jealousy, no hard feelings. It's just the way it is. You gave your daughters names that you both loved and that were special to you. That will mean something to them, just like the "Chris" thing could mean something to a little Crispin. I think it should be considered as a serious option since you love it.

    Good luck!
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    I love Gideon! I think it is definitely wearable and I plan to use it when I have children.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Thank you all, so much! It isn't so much that I am super-worried about what family friends think (they haven't liked Josephine or Eliza as names, though they've grown on them) as that I don't feel I can get any helpful feedback from them. Due to this limited feedback, I just don't want to stick our son with an unwearable name he will hate because I missed thinkingsomething through. :-)

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    I REALLY LOVE all of your names! Gideon is my favorite and I think Gideon Michael is so handsome! Your son will love his name!

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    My top four from your list would be Felix, Samuel, Crispin & Alfred. I think the first three would blend in pretty well with today's current trends and while Alfred is a little old fashioned it's a solid name with historical significance so shouldn't cause any problems.

    I'm surprised Gideon got some awkward stares as I've always thought Gideon was one of those names that everybody knew, though maybe not used. So I guess in my opinion Gideon is a perfectly suitable name, though maybe not my personal favorite. Same with Sean, it's a good, solid name though not my particular favorite.

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