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    Second guessing our list between contractions... Help?

    To be clear, Berries, I am not in *active* labor... But our third baby's arrival is nigh and I would really be comforted by some last-minute sounding off on our list. We have a lot of judgmental family so I avoid talking names, and now Inwish I'd sought out more feedback. We prefer to have a short list of names we can both agree on and then name baby when they arrive, thus our daughters Josephine Tessa and Eliza Morgan. Our last name is Barton. :-)

    Middle name is likely to be Michael, but that is not set in stone - we could also end up using Michael as a first, or leaving it out entirely if we pick a first name it doesn't flow with. We want to avoid repeating initials so no J or E names.

    Gideon - I love this name, it is beautiful, and has some special meaning to hubby and I. BUT except or name nerd friend exceptions, people I have run it by look at me like I have grown eyes on stalks. Is it wearable for a boy today and man later?

    Alfred - Classic, with a solid history and a plethora of awesome nicknames.

    Malcolm - It has a good feel, we are ridiculous Firefly fans, and my older daughter likes it. Of course, she is endorsing "little fishy guy" as her first choice, so I'm not leaning too much on that.

    Peregrine/Percival - I like both, Percival is a family name, and I dig Perry. I loooove Pippin as a nickname for a little boy. But if I am worries about fallout from Gideon, either of these would be waaay more so.

    Samuel - A compromise with my husband as I'd prefer Samwise. ;-) Seriously though, a solid very wearable name.

    Sean - I actually like John better, but am fairly determined not to repeat initials. And I do think Sean Barton has a good sound to it, if a very simple one.

    Theodore - Probably off-limits due to my mom's elderly dog. He won't last forever and I don't want to deal with her sobbing every time I say my son's name for years. And she would. Too bad, too, because I love the name, the literary connections, the opportunity to honor my husband's recently passed grandma Dorothy, and, hey, I got a lotta fond memories of that dog.

    Felix - Not reeeally my style but I love the meaning.

    Crispin - A late-comer to my list, originally suggested humorously. My husband's name is Chris. (Yes, just Chris.) I teased him about it being a route to naming after him that I didn't hate, and it stuck with me as super-cute and cool. It could be a less-obvious route to Pippin or Pip, and I have never ever met a Crispin before. But my husband doesn't want our girls feeling weird or bad that we named a boy "after him" when we didn't do that with them - in fact emphatically didn't name them after any family.

    Ok, I just finished my 7th contraction since I started this! Any feedback deeply appreciated; please forgive the typos.

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    Of your list I really like Gideon, Samuel and Felix. I think Gideon is a super strong name, unflinchingly masculine and unusual without being weird. Samuel is just a great, strong name I've always liked. I think Felix is playful and masculine, a hard combo to achieve. Sean sort of bores me an the others feel far less wearable.

    PS Crispin is an alcoholic beverage that is gaining popularity (something that might not prevent its use but something you might want to at least know going in to it).

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    My favorites are:
    Gideon - totally usable imo, especially since it is meaningful to you
    Felix - my number 1 favorite on your list, love the sound and the meaning, love that it was consistently used for over a century, but was never really popular, easy to spell and pronounce, well known but not common
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    My favourites are Alfred or Theodore. Alfred Michael sounds alright but Theodore Michael sounds better, you could always put Theodore in the middle and try Michael Theodore - to save your mum's emotional distress
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    With the vintage Josephine and Eliza (gorgeous sister names btw), I would choose any one of these names...

    All the best,

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