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    It's my boyfriend's name, and maybe that's why it sounds so masculine to me, but I don't think it could work for a girl. Is it a family name? If so, you could use something similar like Sally or Vanna or even Ivanna.
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    I am another Berry who thinks that it should stay as a boys' name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uselesskitty View Post
    I am under the impression that if you live in the Southern States it would work well. *shrug* It does have a pleasing sound and it is a nice name.
    Definitely true. I have met little girl Sullivan's and no one questioned their name. I have a girl cousin named Sutton.
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    we have a daughter with a common boys name (Sawyer) - which fits - and our son is Sullivan - I just dont think Sullivan is androgenous. i would suggest Sutton or Sylvie for a girl.

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    I was friends with a little girl named Sullivan in primary school!
    So to me it doesn't sound bad, I like it!!(am in Australia)
    She did get called Sulli for short. She had a brother Simon.

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