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    A massive resounding no from me.

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    I am under the impression that if you live in the Southern States it would work well. *shrug* It does have a pleasing sound and it is a nice name.
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    This name doesn't seem like a crowd pleaser, but I like it! It sounds sleak and cool (like Sloane) to me.

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    I don't even like it on a boy

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    I have a seven-year-old cousin (girl) named Sullivan. She goes by her full name and by "Sully" on occasion. While it's not my favorite name, it's better than my other baby cousins' names (Kayla and Braxton).

    In short, if you like it, use it! Names only have gender associations because they were dubbed so at one point. I play pretty loose and fast with the naming rules...which aren't really rules at all, if you get down to it.
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