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    How do people feel about the name SULLIVAN for a girl?

    I know this is traditionally used as a boys name but I really like it for a girl. What do you think?

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    Sorry, I don't think I could ever feel Sullivan as a girl's name :/ But then, I'm also not a big fan of it as a boy's name, so ignore me :P

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    I'm definitely not a fan, I understand how some boy names can sound feminine and I'm fine with that but Sullivan just screams male to me!
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    I think it moves over from a more commonly male name really nicely. Love "Sully" as a nickname. We have a dog named Boo so I briefly considered Sully (i.e. Sully & Boo from Monster's Inc)
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    My first thought was "Seriously?!" I don't think Sullivan works for a girl. At all.

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