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    I love it! Sounds sophisticated and you could use girlier nicknames like Livy or Liv.

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    I am generally not a fan of boy names for girls and Sullivan is a case for this. I have a Great Uncle named Sullivan who goes by Sully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norskelove View Post
    My first thought was "Seriously?!" I don't think Sullivan works for a girl. At all.
    Agreed. While technically a surname (and I can see how surnames could work on either gender), I can't for the life of me picture Sullivan on a girl. I've seen Sullivan nn Lila on someone's signature, and, while I love the nn Lila, I really don't see how Sullivan works on a girl at all, sorry. Lila would redeem it, slightly, though.
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    I know several girls with the name Sullivan... it's their last name. The whole last name as first doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, although I have known people with names Kelly, Zachary, Frederick, etc. Then again my parents and grandparents thought Kelly too much a last name to be a first. Oh Well. I don't think it matters much boy or girl.

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    Whenever you ask if a name could work for the opposite gender on NB you'll always get a no. Surprisingly if you ask if a word or object (Plum, Bird, Fragglerock, or anything else that isn't a known human name) you almost always get yes. My personal opinion is that I don't care. The name itself sounds nice and I like it. You can use it on anything/anyone you like. That choice is up to you alone.

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