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    Using "Ella" as a nickname for Ariel... too much of a stretch?

    I really like the name Ella, but DH and I both feel like it works better as a nickname, plus it can be kind of polarising so I don't want my girl to be stuck with it if she doesn't like it as she gets older. So we decided to look past Ella for a name, but were hoping to pick a name where it could still be a potential nickname. Our current frontrunner, which we both really like, is Ariel. Problem is, I kind of feel like Ella is a bit of a stretch for Ariel if it's spelled like that, and I don't really care much for Arielle or Ariella - they look weird with our surname, and I actually like that Ariel is somewhat unisex. I don't really like 'frilly' spellings, which Arielle is to me, and I kind of think Ariella just looks made up. (Yes, I know Ella is about as feminine a name as you can get, but I guess the shortness and simplicity of it makes it feel less frilly to me.)

    I guess I'm picturing someone reading my girl's school registration forms in a few years time and seeing the first name "Ariel" with a preferred name of "Ella" and thinking WTF?

    If you knew a little girl called Ariel who went by Ella some/all of the time, would you think that was weird? Do I really have to spell it Arielle/Ariella in order to have the nn I want?

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