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    Using "Ella" as a nickname for Ariel... too much of a stretch?

    I really like the name Ella, but DH and I both feel like it works better as a nickname, plus it can be kind of polarising so I don't want my girl to be stuck with it if she doesn't like it as she gets older. So we decided to look past Ella for a name, but were hoping to pick a name where it could still be a potential nickname. Our current frontrunner, which we both really like, is Ariel. Problem is, I kind of feel like Ella is a bit of a stretch for Ariel if it's spelled like that, and I don't really care much for Arielle or Ariella - they look weird with our surname, and I actually like that Ariel is somewhat unisex. I don't really like 'frilly' spellings, which Arielle is to me, and I kind of think Ariella just looks made up. (Yes, I know Ella is about as feminine a name as you can get, but I guess the shortness and simplicity of it makes it feel less frilly to me.)

    I guess I'm picturing someone reading my girl's school registration forms in a few years time and seeing the first name "Ariel" with a preferred name of "Ella" and thinking WTF?

    If you knew a little girl called Ariel who went by Ella some/all of the time, would you think that was weird? Do I really have to spell it Arielle/Ariella in order to have the nn I want?

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    I think it's fine. I see the connection. Regardless of spelling, I think the pronunciation you go with might make more of a difference in how intuitive the nickname is. The Ariel with whom I went to school said her name "AHR-ee-ELL" (as opposed to AIR-ee-yel from the Little Mermaid). The way she kind of emphasized the end of her name makes Ella much more natural. But I think even the Little Mermaid pronunciation yields Ella just fine. And regarding the spelling...I mean, kids get odder nicknames all the time. My coworker is named Leighanne, but her high school friends all call her Bear. My mom went to school with a Nancy who called herself Barbara. People go by their middle names or initials, etc. So I think nicknames are flexible creatures. Anyone who pauses looking at a school form over Ariel-->Ella is also sorting through 15 spellings of Mackayleigh and every iteration of -ayden; if that person pauses to think WTF, I'd probably throw it back at them, haha. In summary, haha, Ella from Ariel is ok by me.
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    Thanks for replying. We actually aren't sure how we'd pronounce it. I lean towards Ahr-ee-ell (but would be happy with either), while DH likes Air-ee-uhl (but would also be happy with either.)

    I could live with Arielle, I think, especially if we went with the pronunciation that is usually associated with that spelling (would feel bad if she constantly had to correct people, although I have what I think is a fairly classic name that nobody ever gets right on the first go, so maybe there's no way to win that one lol.)
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    I think it works, but there are many names you can use to get Ella. Some other suggestions:

    Elena (Ella seems to flow from Elena, thanks to the sound)
    Gabriella (or Gabrielle)

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    I think it works just fine, and would certainly not find that nn confusing for either pronunciation of Ariel/Arielle. =]

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