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    Question Boy's names on girls?? What do you think?

    What do you think of usual boy names used on girls? I don't mean names that can be unisex but actual boy names for girls.
    For example I know a girl around my age named Bradley. Some other girls I know with usual boy names are Jerico, Hunter, Silas, and Troy.
    So.. what do you think of boy names on girls? Are there some boy names you love on a girl? And do you know any girls with usually masculine names?

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    I think it's hideous and cruel - not to mention SO overdone and boring.

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    I'm a little inconsistent on this issue. Sometimes I think it can be daring and interesting. Most of the time it really irks me when a beautiful boy's name gets used on a girl, when there are so many perfectly fine girl names out there. I love the name Quincy on a boy (as a middle name) but several times I've gotten the response, "Oh that's a girl's name!" I guess because it ends in an ee-sound, someone decided it was a good idea to use it on a girl and it's caught on. That said, I do enjoy hearing masculine names used as middle names on girls, especially when there's a family connection or otherwise sentimental reason for it.

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    I don't like this ongoing trend at all. There are so many wonderful girls names out there, I wonder if it's really necessary to use a boys name instead. And there are unisex names, and I like a lot of them on boys, but they're used on girls. There's nothing wrong with that, but it irks me. Most of the time I find it a case of lack of origionality.

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    I don't like it at all. Not just because of the old "But that's a boy's name, and that's that!" type of argument, but because sociologically speaking, it sends a terribly cruel message. I don't like how there is this general belief that anything feminine is inherently wrong. Girls are prodded on to be "one of the guys" and seen as weak, stupid, or helplessly vulnerable if they have a standard feminine name. The same goes with boys and feminine or feminine-sounding names. This is a major double standard.

    For example. if a girl is given a name like Andrew, Jet, or Sullivan, people think it's "cool", "empowering" or "unique". But, on the flipside, if a boy was named something like Sophia, Madison, or even something as "all boy" as Luca, he would get bombarded with outrageously homophobic comments and generally looked down upon as a lesser person. The fact that society has become so phallocentric is extremely disappointing to me. I dread using some more questionable names I like such as Madison, Sage, or Alexis on a boy because of all the inevitable hysteria that would follow.

    To conclude, the answer is simply, no. I don't like the idea of using a distinctively masculine name on a girl, even in the middle name slot. Well, I think the closest exception would a family surname (i.e. Montgomery, Watson, Bradford, etc.) and only when it is a surname within the family lineage.

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