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    WDTY of this real family of names

    I rarely write on here despite my constant browsing and checking up on names but just had to share the names of the kids of a family I have become close to over the winter huddled in freezing hockey rinks together. They are Irish and Polish and have an O' last name that I feel goes perfectly with each childs name. Mom and Dad have traditional names but the kids incorporate many family names and are as follows:

    Dempsey James
    Egan Daniel
    McCormack Reid "Mack"
    Connelly Grace "Coco"
    Burke Thomas
    Quincey Louise "Quinn"
    Callahan Josephine "Calla", "Calla Jo" or CJ
    Rooney Patrick "Ryno" affectionately by his older brothers
    Sheahan Alexandra "Shea"

    Maybe its just because I love the family but I adore all kids names, what are your honest thoughts?

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    I think, to be honest, they sound a little bit like roll call in an army barracks. That's a lot of surnames.
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    I rather like the Irishness of each child's name, and the fact that they are family names. I also like them paired with the traditional middle names.

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    It's difficult to find first names that sound good with O' last names (like mine.) With that in mind, I think they did a good job. Ordinarily I'm not a fan of surname names on girls, but I quite like the nicknames they're using.
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