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    It's a BOY! The naming begins...this is tough.

    We found out last week that baby is a boy! We are both so excited. This is our first, & my husband is ecstatic. I can't imagine it any other way. Can't wait to meet this little man at the end of July.

    We are talking names & I think I just need a break from it or something, but I figured I would start here at least & get some advice. We both are pretty picky. We decided we would like to use my husband's middle name, Micah as the middle name for our son. The name we both really like is Brooks. I love it, but I can't help but have just a couple issues with it. My husband & I both have pretty unique names...his more so than mine, but both grew up being the only ones in our class & then some. So, with that, we want to pick something that isn't on the top 10 or 20 list, something a little more "unique" I guess. Although, I do like the name Noah but it's too popular I think.

    Here are just a few we've both thrown out & could possibly be in the top 3. Micah is the ideal middle name, but not an absolute must if first name doesn't fit.

    Brooks (of course)
    Sullivan (call him Van)
    Jensen (call him Jence?)

    Some others I have thrown around:

    Owen (DH does not like)

    I don't really have a theme necessarily & I am not trying to come off trendy at all {I've gotten called that by another berry, no hard feelings, but that's not my thing}, I am picky & these are names that I like & don't have a negative feeling towards. Ha! Help would be awesome & obviously any other suggestions!

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    I really like Jensen Micah. I would just call him Jensen; a nickname isn't needed. My two runners-up are Sullivan Micah and Easton Micah.

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    West Micah Or Weston Micah. Easton Micah is cute too
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    My favorites are Sullivan, Easton, Jenson, Grey (although I prefer Greyson) and West. Jenson Micah is great. Grey Micah, sounds like you are describing the mineral mica as grey. Easton and West Micah sound good.

    Brooks unfortunately reminds me of Mel Brooks, and also reminds me of the more feminine names Brook and Brooklyn (which is ridiculously popular where I live).
    Davis - I prefer David because it seems more masculine to me. The -is sound at the end of Davis makes it sound kind of whiny to me.
    Deacon - Just not my cup of tea and I don't like the meaning.
    Owen - Easily a to 10 name where I live. My co-worker has a son named Owen and there were two other Owens in his class, plus a Cohen and Cowen. I would check the popularity where you live before using it.
    Noah - Handsome, but popular.
    Crew and Dax - Interesting but I like your other name choices better.
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    Thank you so far! I think the following is on our list so far. We chatted more about it last night.

    Brooks...{@uselesskitty, I have to agree, that's the one thing I can't help but think of is the feminine form of it & I have a good friend named Brooke}

    I am up for any more suggestions too!!! Thanks everyone!

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