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    Why don't you give your mind a rest? You have plenty of time (months!) to decide on a name. You don't NEED a name until the baby is actually born. The name is only official once you decide it is.

    Can you still change it? Sure!
    Do you have to? No!
    Can you wait on it and revisit it in a few months? Of course!

    How about sitting back, having some chocolate or a bowl of chunky soup (or both!), a nice foot massage, and think about something else? You sound too stressed out about this.

    Good luck!!

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    I am currently in a similar situation. For us, we have had the name Hope picked out as the name of our second daughter for 13 years. But now that it is time to actually apply the name to a real life baby girl, I am having major doubts. Unfortunately, dh is pretty tied to it by now. But I am trying to come up with alternatives that I like more. So I guess I would say that I am thinking about changing it, but won't necessarily do so. I think, for me, it comes from LOVING my first daughter's name so so much, and I just don't feel the same passion for Hope.

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    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions everyone! I'm still feeling iffy about it but have been trying not to think about it too much. We have one week left until the ultrasound and if it is another boy i"ll have been stressing for nothing so I am trying not to think about it too hard until we find out IF there's a girl in there! I see my cousin posting pictures and comments on her little girl Claire on facebook so maybe since I'm seeing it more and commented on by family that is what is bothering me... I've asked several people if I should forget it because she used it and no one seems to think so since we are so far away and never talk or see each other and to be honest, we probably won't see each other much at all. Anyhow, just wanted to thank and update the thread and I'm sure you will be seeing another post from me about it again.
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