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    Had our top boy/girl names set, but now feeling iffy on girl choice. Need advice!

    Shortly before we started TTC our second baby(due in August) we began talking about names again and came up with new lists. We ended up deciding on Claire for the girl choice and that was about well before I got pregnant. Like maybe 7 months before? We had a list of 6 girl names and hubby and I put them in order (separately) 1 being favorite 6 being least favorite. We both had Claire as #3 so we bumped it to #1 and decided we liked it a lot. Well fast forward to now(I'm about 18 weeks along, finding out gender in 2 1/2 weeks) and am feeling iffy on Claire just a tiny bit. I am not sure if it has to do with that fact we had it decided on for so long so it doesn't feel fresh? Or maybe because I have a cousin who used it recently(I never see or talk to her and we live very far away) I know I could still use it if it is THE ONE. Which I have thought up until recently.

    I guess I'm just wondering if anyone is in or has been in this situation? Did you pick a new name? Not worry about it until birth? Did you just stop thinking about it for a while so it felt fresh again? I'm not sure how to sort out my feelings. As far as I know, my DH still wants it. And there aren't any other names I love that I would rather use, I don't think. I really like Sophia and Kate and planned on Sophia Kate for a second girl if we ever had one. I'm just confused! Any help appreciated! :Thanks!

    Thought I'd add that we decided on Avery for the boy and I still feel super set on that and no doubts at all.
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    Names get completely rejuvenated for me when I hear them on an actual baby. Maybe Claire is getting stale because you don't have anyone to attach it to (that you can see anyway). Would changing it up to Clara breathe new life into it? For what it's worth, I think Claire is beautiful. It's my aunt's name and I always thought it was so incredibly timeless and elegant.

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    I always had that little doubt fairy on my shoulder with my son's name. My number one was Dashiell, then Asher. We agreed to Asher then changed it to Jude after reactions from parents. Until he was born, Asher was always in my back pocket. If I saw him and knew he wasn't a Jude, I wouldn't hesitate to name him Asher. But, funny enough, he is so not how I would picture an Asher (artistic, sensitive, slim). He is a Jude (a rough and tumble boy with a bit of sensitivity). Point here being that you don't have to be solid on a name until the baby is here. You can still hold Claire as your first choice, but there's nothing wrong with having other names ready and waiting. If this little one is a girl and she gets here and looks/seems like a Sophia instead of Claire, then that's what you should name her!

    Either way, both names are beautiful . You can't go wrong, I don't think. But you don't have to be 100%. I think you'll know for sure once the baby is here. Hope that helps a little.
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    Ahh pregnancy brain ... I remember it well and it makes you question everything! I went through the same thing when I was pregnant with my son. DH and I had decided on Bram Alexander as soon as we knew we were having a boy. As my due date got closer though, I started to question our name choice and freak out that we had no alternatives. Long story short, DS is Bram Alexander and is turning one in a couple weeks. I couldn't be happier with our name choice, but I did question it leading up to the birth. I think it is perfectly normal to have anxiety about choosing a name. I will say that there is a reason why you have loved Claire all of these months. I would suggest taking a step back and see how you feel after that. Maybe you will decide that you prefer a different name or maybe a variation of Claire (Clara is lovely IMO). Or in the end, you could feel like Claire is still the one. Good luck!

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    My husband is a genealogist in his spare time and he dug up the name Claris in a ship record. I thought that was quite pretty. I think the main thing to decide is whether you lost interest when a cousin used it (even if they are distant) or whether the length of time you've been thinking about "Claire" has drained it of some of it's original magic. If it's the latter, I think seeing your baby for the first time and calling her Claire will help you to love it again. If it's knowing another Claire that's the issue then changing the name slightly or altogether is an option still.

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