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    @garnet - Thanks for the opinions! I also really like your suggestion of Everett, unfortunately my cousin is planning on using that name for his son!

    @milliemm - Thanks for letting me know what you think, it helps me to see what others think of names, it brings up things that I never thought of before. From your signature absolutely love the name Isaac for a boy and your girl names are great, Melody and Georgina

    @cannebella - Thanks for bringing up the whole Beau being used on a dog thing, I didn't realize it until you pointed it out but many people name their dogs that.

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    Bennett - nms, but I can see the appeal
    Beau - I don't really like this. Don't ask me why, but it makes me imagine a sweet but rather dull young man.
    Eli - I've met many very sweet young Eli's, which both endears me to the name and makes me a bit bored by it.
    Owen - I adore this so, so much. I haven't met too many yet and I work with a lot of kids!
    Alden - I could see this growing on me. Yes, I think I like it!
    Edward - classic and very versatile
    Edmund - more romantic, but also a bit more stuffy than Edward. I do like it though!
    Andrew - classic, like Edward, but gives off a different vibe. More laid back, maybe. I have met so many Andrews though!
    Jasper - Another name that I absolutely adore!!!
    Levi - It's cute. I rather like the alternative pronunciation of lev-ee rather than lee-vie, but it would be ridiculous to try and enforce that (in the states at least)
    After two years of trying and one miscarriage,
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    I love Ben, but don't care for Bennett. It has a feminine feel to me. I associate it with Elizabeth Bennet from 'Pride and Prejudice', and bonnets.

    Beau also feels girlish. The word "beautiful", plus bows.

    There are too many Andrews. Edward is a classic, but still overused in my opinion. When I hear Jasper I think of Cruella De Vil's bumbling henchmen Jasper and Horace in '101 Dalmations', and a few other shady characters. But that's not to say it's a bad name. I'd just never be able to use it without thinking of that, so I don't like it. Alden is right on the edge of feeling too elderly, but it could be alright.

    I really like Levi, Owen, and Eli. Emdund is okay, better than Edward, but I've never really liked any of the "Ed" names.

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    Bennett - I like surnames, but this one's not my style
    Beau - Love this one. Very cool.
    Eli - Also love this one. Short & sweet.
    Owen - Sounds nerdy to me.
    Alden - Too old fashioned for my taste.
    Edward - Again, old old old.....
    Edmund - Love this one. A bit of a tasteful flair!
    Andrew - Very classic. It is nice.
    Jasper - I like this one too. Has a bit of charm yet trendy.
    Levi - Love this style and biblical flavor.

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