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    Please help us come up with a name for our future dog!

    We will be getting a Boston Terrier puppy soon, right now we have one named Roxy. I would like a name that sounds good with it but so far my Husband and I can't agree on one. This is my list so far, I know a lot of people have problems with human names but my husband and I aren't sure we will ever be able to have children so this is sort of my outlet for names. Some of them are on my kids list but if anything the names I would choose for a dog would be used as a mn for a kid and I don't have a problem with that. I ask that you just help which ever sounds best with Roxy

    Sasha (he wants to veto this)
    Athena (could present problems if we ever have a kid with this name but I LOVE it)
    Yvonne (his random, weird pic)

    Would love new suggestions, TIA!
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    I like Roxy and Maya. My second choice would be Bella but she seems so much more subdued than Roxy, Maya has more spunk.

    Other suggestions:

    Also: Take a look at your GP list. Something great is probably on there!!!
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    I would steer clear of naming a dog something you might want to name a future kid. I totally get being eager to use a name you love, but that strikes me as something to tread carefully over... So I'd eliminate Athena. I'd also probably take off Sasha and Yvonne if one of the two of you doesn't care for it.

    Roxy is spritely, feminine, and feisty. I think Maya is the best fit overall: short, spunk, and different from Roxy in sound but similar in style. I love Nina, but think Nina sounds too classic and sweet. Bella makes me think of Twilight. I like Ivy pretty well, but find it a little close to Roxy. Roxy and Maya are fab!

    Love the suggestion of Vita. Also like:

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    I really like Ivy and Maya off your list. I think they both sound cute with Roxy.

    I love your username, by the way. Get Smart fan?

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