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    Question A sibling for Margot

    Picking our daughter's name, Margot Carolina (14 months), was relatively easy. We named her after my grandmother, Grietje Carolina. Margot and Grietje are both variants of Margaret. We settled on her name the day we found out she was she and never looked back.

    Now, we're expecting baby number two! I'm almost 12 weeks, but we're going to need every week we can get to name this little one if it's a girl. We're pretty decided if it's a boy - Thijs Gerardus. Though, we've also tossed around Magnus as well, though that would leave us stumped on a middle name seeing we plan to honor my father with Gerardus if its a boy.

    I'm stumped on girl names. I'm just really picky and there is so much I don't like. My husband somewhat leaves it up to me, which I realize makes me incredibly lucky in a way! He's just not picky, but doesn't like too common of names. We also both like names that go well with our heritage which, between the two of us we have a mix of Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish and German.

    The middle name for a girl will be Sam. That is set in stone and we want something that goes ok with it. Sam is my husbands late grandfather and it's wildly important to him if we have another girl. I realize not all names we love with flow with that, but honoring his grandfather is very important. To us, honoring him is more important than a perfect name flow.

    So here's my short list of what I actually do like. I'm curious if you can all offer suggestions of other names to consider too based on my likes.

    Myrthe (Meer-tuh)
    Helena (Helen-uh)

    Thank you all so much.

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    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
    Eulalia - Aurelia - Marigold - Ariadne - Viola - Cosima - Philomena -Enid - Rosalind - Marguerite - Honore

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    Oh, I love Eloise! Eloise and Margot sound great. I also like the above poster's suggestion of Saskia or Ingrid. Two beautiful names!

    Honora or Nora
    Ebba or Etta

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    You have great taste!!
    Mathilda - Very nice but a bit trendier than than the more classic Margot and a bit too similar for me
    Eloise - lovely and a good match for Margot but may be sky rocketing in popularity
    Myrthe (Meer-tuh) - love it but too close to Margot
    Helena (Helen-uh) - love it, one of my favourites and really matches Margot in feeling, sounds great with Sam
    Louisa - Love it also and also a great match with Sam

    I really like the idea of using Samara as the middle if your husband is open to it. It really matches Carolina so well. If you were to go with Samara I love the idea of Astrid Samara. This combo really reflects all the best things about Margot Carolina.

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    Eloise or even Héloïse (french spelling) would be a great sibling name with Margo!
    I know exactly what you mean when it comes to making every week count to choose a name!

    As a suggestion, i fell in love with Harryo (The duchess movie) names ending with o atm

    The other name which i think would be very appropriate with Margo is Apolline ( A-poh-lee-nah)

    Best of luck ;-)

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