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    What kind of person do these names make you think of, or, I am changing my name

    I am 27-years-old, and I have never liked my name. It simply does not fit me. People seem (unconciously) to go out of their way to avoid using it. You know how you causally use a person's name in conversation? The only time most people use mine is if they don't know who I am and are calling me for an appointment, or if I have done something to upset them, and they want to make a point. They simply don't refer to me by a name at all to my face, most of the time. I often miss a beat when responding to my name, because, again, it simply doesn't seem right. So, I have decided to change it, for better or worse. Naturally, I only plan to go through this once, so this decision has to be final. I want this to be a name I not only like but that fits me.

    Here are some names that I am considering. Please just tell me what you think of, what kind of person or feelings they suggest to you. I am not going to try to fit my whole personality into this box, unless someone wants more information

    Gwendolen (Gwen is what I would go by)
    Katherine (Kate)

    I am a female. I am average height, with very short dark hair, dark eyes and clear, pale skin. I range in weight from being slender to being somewhat overweight and back again. I tend to be on the book-worm, day-dreamer end of the scale, with a preferance for animals and nature over a heavy-duty social life and lots of technology. I am generally friendly, and pretty good-natured. I am inclined to avoid conflict, even when it means I have to pretend to feel things I don't.

    Again, if you could just tell me what you think of some of the names I offered, what kind of person they conjure up in your mind, I would be obliged. Suggestions are always welcome, and alternate spellings are fine.

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    Darcey - the only girl I've known with this name was super sporty and outgoing. Since it's a bit unisex that's the image I always have
    Katherine (Kate) - nice basic name, lots of them out there
    Gwendolen (Gwen is what I would go by) - of these choices, this is the one I'd pick for you based on your description. It's a pleasant name with a bit of a literary/nature feel, but not too out there.
    Robin - I really like this name. Everyone I've ever met with it has been kind and I think it's a pretty name. Again, a bit unisex and sometimes Robyn is used for females.
    India - not something I would use.
    Hester - this is really not something I'd use. It's very unpleasant to me.

    If it were me, I'd choose something that bore some resemblance to your current name--maybe same first letter or rhyming or some derivation of it or your middle's rather hard to explain to people why your name is completely different, especially in an office environment and for legal reasons.
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    I read your description of yourself before I read your name list, and immediately Katherine popped in my head, though I was going to spell it Catherine. I think it fits well and it's a beautiful name. I like Robin as well. I see Darcy as more of a social butterfly type of girl. I'm not sure why but associate Hester with a shut-in type of person. India and Gwendolen are nice, but I think i'll stick with my vote for Katherine.
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    Darcey - The only Darcey I know is kind of a snob, so I don't think this suits your personality (what I know from your description) at all.
    Gwendolen (Gwen) - I absolutely love this name, I think of a really friendly person, kind of bookish
    Katherine (Kate) - Happy go lucky type of gal. The Katherine I know is also extremely clever and hardworking
    Robin - I know a wonderful girl named Robin, she is such a sweetheart. This name is very pretty and not very commonly used, this is probably my favorite from your list
    India - outgoing
    Hester - I really want to like this name but I picture an old lady, which bugs me because the name looks very pretty

    Good luck on choosing a new name for yourself!

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    Based on your description (which was really great and easy to picture, by the way!), these are the ones I would choose:

    (1) Gwendolyn (I prefer this spelling) -- It's the one that jumped out at me, which I almost dismissed when I read that you had dark hair and pale skin, but when you mentioned being bookish and nature-inclined, I came right back to it. Gwen seems perfect and for some reason the fact that your hair is short made it fit better than if your dark hair were long.
    (2) Katherine (Kate) -- This is really tied for first with Gwendolyn, I guess. Smart, laid-back, nature-y, animal lover, bookish. And dark hair fits this name better. (Note: these opinions are obviously just mine and what's in my head; I don't mean them to be the be all end all even if I'm phrasing it that way.)
    (3) Robin -- this one is WAY WAY behind the other two, but something about bookish and dark hair seems to fit this one to me. But I much prefer Kate and Gwendolyn.

    The others don't seem to fit your description at all. I know a Darcy who I can't stand, so I couldn't get past that; India just seems exotic, different, adventurous, and opinionated; Hester just makes me think of the Scarlet Letter or an old lady and seems too harsh on someone nice and sweet like you. Good luck!

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