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    Don't skip over a family name, especially one you love, just because only one child will get one. Honouring family is really cool, but there's not always that option (no names for that gender or whatever) and that's fine as well. There is no way to predict how the child will react, but to honest she's just as likely to love the fact that her names her own and she doesn't have to 'share' it with a family memeber as to be upset.
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    My brother and I have names honoring family, and my sister's name honors the special time of year she was born.

    As long as there is equal thought and significance to the naming process, the child shouldn't feel slighted.

    Say my parents would have given my brother and me family names and my sister a name that 'they just liked' then she might be feeling bitter about it, but she knows that her name is special for another specific reason.

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