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    My parents gave me a middle name that they liked and then gave my younger brother my dad's first name as a middle name. I greatly dislike my middle name, but it has nothing to do with the fact that it is not a family name. I never really cared that my brother had a family name and I didn't.
    I used to think that I would give all my children family names in the middle. I figured if they hated the name itself (as I hate mine) they could at least appreciate where it came from. In the end we gave our oldest a family middle name (after a cousin of mine who died when we were children -- it happens to also be DH's middle name). Then we couldn't decide on another family name for our second, so we just chose a name that we liked. We don't plan on giving our third a family middle name, either.
    I worried about it a little at first, but in the end I don't think it matters that much. We love the name we chose for our second son. He may love it or hate it, and we won't know if he does or why until he's older.

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    My son's first and middle name honor my DH's heritage, and my daughter's first and middle name honors my family. My son does not mind that he doesn't have a family name - he likes that his name honors his Irish heritage.
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    I have three children and only one of them have a middle name that honors a family member, and that is my son. His middle name is Fox which was my mothers maiden name. I don't think it's an issue at all.

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    I think it's particularly okay since we are talking about a boy and a girl. Lots of people have different naming styles for boys and girls. All three of my sons were given middle names that honored people important in our dad, my husband's brother and one of our closest friends from college. My daughter was given a name very different from her brothers both first and last. It was just a pretty name that I had fallen in love with. I don't think she's ever thought about why her name is different. In fact she loves her own name so much that she wants us to use it again for her little sister. Lol

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    My middle name is a family name and my sister's middle name is not. She couldn't care less.

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