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    Help with a MN for Solomon.

    Good morning all. I am about to get ready for a doctors appointment where I will hopefully learn the gender of my August Baby. If its a girl I will pick the first name (Madeline or Vivienne probably) and my SO will pick the middle. If its a boy, my boyfriend wants to pick the first name and he told me last night that he likes the name Solomon. I love it, but I'm not sure if the name I've had picked out for the middle would sound nice with it so I wanted to get some advice. What do y'all think about Solomon Connor? Any other middle name suggestions that might go with Solomon? Thank you.

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    I think they sound terrific together.

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    They sound nicely !

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    Solomon is a slice of heaven! I like it with something shorter. Connor feels mismatched to me, because I think of Solomon as such an old Hebrew name, while Connor is Irish, and a bit trendy.

    Solomon Dov
    Solomon Eli
    Solomon Blaise
    Solomon Cole
    Solomon Leo or Solomon Lev

    Also, I vote for Vivienne! Or Magdalene/Magdalena.

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    I like Solomon, but not combined with Connor-- Connor has to much of the similar sound but not the same feel. What about

    Solomon Abner
    Solomon Angus
    Solomon August
    Solomon Ezra
    Solomon Frank
    Solomon Isaac
    Solomon Jude
    Solomon Kincaid
    Solomon Levi
    Solomon Matthias
    Solomon Oscar
    Solomon Richard
    Solomon Tyler

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