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    Boys name list ripped to shreds by DH-Feel like im startibg from scratch! Need help!!

    This is long... but if you have the time would love your help!

    basically...after a serious boys name discussion and serious reality check last night... All my favourite names were vetoed...gone is my beloved Finnegan, laughed as was my biggest crush Boone yet i realise its a necessary part of the naming process....So..... The list of names we agree we both like (not necessarily love) are as follows:

    Atlas (have a friend with a child names this but not too close... Still would rather a name that's all ours if you know what I mean)
    Caspian (close family member with this name probably better in the middle to avoid confusion... We both really like this)
    Pheonix (again we know a baby Phoenix... But not in close circle)
    Lucius (DH suggested this... I do really like it but not convinced its the one!)y
    Louis/Louie: again DH suggestion... feel the same as Lucius... Also could be a nn for Lucius maybe?
    Frank: we both like this but I feel it's a bit boring... Would be a real compromise and I feel neither of us would ever LOVE the name!
    Zephyr: we both love this but I'm wondering if its too much?! I do like thought if zephyr and atlas as brothers. Also am a nn fan and can't think of any good ones for zephyr!
    Cassius: we both really love the sound if this name but won't use it due to its meaning... 'Hollow/empty'... We also both like Atticus but not enough to use it!

    Just for reference: Names I love he vetoed: Wolfgang, Cato, Boone, beau, bohdi (bo), Finnegan (iggy), Oscar, Tristan, Declan, sigmund(he looked at me like I had three heads when I suggested this but did love nn Ziggy and said he could use this as a stand alone name... I would need something more formal for nn ziggy... Open to suggestions? Same for nn Van (Sullivan was knocked but DH likes nn even as full name!)
    Names he loves I vetoed: Conan (I like it but not enough) River (i love this but its not versatile enough for me as a first)Apollo, Achilles (I just think they're a bit too much though I do like names from mythology!) Beresford (to honour family member... I like Bear.. Maybe some middle name potential to honour family with right combo)

    The only combo from the list above I can come up with is Lucius Zephyr nn Louie or just Louie Zephyr. We both really love this combo but not sure it's the one. I also like Lucius Caspian. Any thought on this combo... ? I also like Zephyr lucius but have the reservations outlined above about zephyr! Alternate suggestions based on above... We are open to completely new suggestions... We seem to find rare common ground in Gealic names and names from mythology.... And we do both like names that sound rugged and whimsical...just unfortunately not the same ones

    Another thing we already have a Matilda... I'm not overly fussed about it sounding perfect stylistically.. Still... Not something totally at odds...To me Matilda is versatile whimsical, royal, Teutonic,
    Vintage, classic, quirky etc.! I think we will have a few more children and at this point we could take the sibset a number if ways...
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    I love Atlas and Caspian, both are on my super short list. I think Lucius Caspian is an awesome combo, and I also think Cassian could be a nice alternative to Caspian without the confusion issue. I think Zephyr is a cool name but it might be a it much as a first name.
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    Personally, I like Zephyr. Just Z could be a good nickname.
    I think Atlas and Matilda sound really good together.

    Not a huge fan of Lucius (too Lucius Malfoy for me) or the nn Louie.

    Other suggestions:
    Hector (as in Hector of Troy)
    Troy (the ancient city)
    Hephaestus (it's a long shot, I know.... Could be an interesting choice, though...)
    Pollux (nn Lux?)
    Jason (most people wouldn't recognize it as a mythological name..)
    Odysseus (awesome name, dude, and Odie is a cute nn)

    Some of these might have been over the top but it makes me happy that you like names from myth!

    Best of luck!

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    LOVE suggestion of Odysseus! What's more I think DH will be on board as his grandma Is Odessa he never fails to surprise me though!!! Odessa was a name we both would love to have used for our daughter but someone in the family had already done so so it was off limits!!

    Any middle name suggestions for with Odysseus or Zephyr? I feel they are hard to pair with they need something to ground them a bit but then very ordinary names sound a bit bizarre with them!!
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    Also love the suggestion of Cassian... Nice way to honour says family member without confusion!! Will take these two back to DH!

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