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    Why did you choose your username?

    Like the title says why did you choose your username? I know threads like this have been done before but I'm new and would like to see what some others have chosen.

    Mine is a nickname a friend calls me my real name is Cassarah and I originally joined as Cassarah but didn't get the email on my main account so I had to make a completely new account and I am glad because I like cascade more. I was also considering Perseysmummy but decided against it as I have other children.

    So what are your stories I am looking forward to it .
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    I liked the name. Simple as that.
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    Mine is just first and last initials. I was in a pregnancy cloud when I joined and could think of nothing more creative than the login I used for clocking in and out at work. Inspired, I know
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    I use a different username for all other sites and I wanted something different for this site.

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    Mischa is my real life nickname. My actual first name is a boring one that was popular in the 60-70's so I don't like it very much. Mischa is much more exotic! By the way, I like your user name cascade and your daughter's name Persephone. Welcome to Nameberry!
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