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    What did you want to name your kids, when you were a kid!?

    When I was young ( about 5 yrs old ), I actually remember saying to my mom that I wanted to name my children

    "Rainbow Loveheart"




    Thank god this isnt the case anymore!

    Does anyone else have any stories about what they wanted to name their kids when they were young?

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    When I was in second grade, my favorite names were Pauline and Humphrey (Bernard was a close 2nd). You can tell what kind of books I was reading-- 1920s kiddie lit!

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    When I was 8 my favorites were Francesca, Bethany, Zachary, and Ezekiel... my names are weirder now, lol!
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    I must have misheard someone say Wendy, because I thought Windy was a name and I thought it was SO COOL that you could be named after WEATHER.

    Until someone told me it sounded like someone had a gas problem. You know, she's "windy".

    But I've never felt that strongly about Wendy. It's just not the same. It's not weather!!
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    Fishy-head??? That made me giggle!! Lol.

    I don't remember any names I liked before the age of nine or ten, at which point I wanted to name my kids Jessica and Liam. I also liked the names Violet and perhaps I was a little ahead of the trends there, haha. I still like Jessica but it's way overdone now, and I love Liam but I'd use it as a nn for William.
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