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    remembered I also wanted quads named Spring Iris, Summer Rose, Autumn Raine, Winter Dawn
    ♥Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Clara, Amelia, Arabella, Beatrice, Cordelia,
    Hermione, Imogen, Juniper
    the rest of the girls

    William, Edgar, Arthur, Gilbert, Jasper, Basil, Henry, Horatio, Sebastian, Aloysius
    the rest of the boys

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Dashiel Everhart, Morgan Escher
    the rest of my combos

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    When I was 6 or 7 I insisted I wasn't having children but if I did they would be Gideon, Sam (g), Gabriel and James. I no longer care for Sam if Samantha, Gabriel is off the lists for personal reasons and Gideon was a quick veto by DH.

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    I remember for quite a while I had quite firmly decided that I was going to have twin girls named Jasmine and Minerva (I don't know how I thought I was going to make myself have twins, nor why I thought it was a good idea for the ending of one name to be the beginning of the other.) I still really like Minerva, but since Harry Potter I probably wouldn't use it.

    I also LOVED the name Araminta.

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    I always wanted B/G twins called Joshua & June.

    I'm not so keen on Joshua now but I love June and we're seriously considering Juniper for our next baby if its a girl and I love the NN June so I guess that stuck!

    I also remember liking May, Violet, Nora, Max, Luke & Beau
    Mum to 4.

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    Justice (for a girl)

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