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    bailibsmum Guest
    Alpine - different
    Crescent - for a girl?
    Jedi - too close to star wars
    Mississippi - nice if you like it missi as nn
    Nevada - again very nice dand unusual
    Drake - i like it but could be seen in regard to rap singer
    Arizona- My daughters middle name!! Bloooming LOVE it!
    Alaska - i like
    Valentine - hmmm....?
    Jackson - yup i like
    Holiday- no not keen
    North - more of a middle i think..
    Alabama - hmm..
    Sonnet - yes very nice
    Liberty - Oh hello!!! I also very much LOVE this name too!! hehe
    Yarrow - sounds like marrow...
    Willow - like but also getting to be a popular name so not as 'unusual' as it was!
    Venice - yes very unique
    Aspen - i like..
    Shade - not a fan but i do like Shaye.. could be close contender!
    Demetrius - its nice.. but does it have the uniquness... hmmmm
    Shadow - very unique..
    Archimedes - all i can think of is the bird from sword of the stone on this one . xx

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    Alpine- This is the breed of dairy goats I raise so my intial responce is absolutly not, but then upon realizing I'm weird and most people won't reconize the goat connection but think of the mountains instead I think it would be a cool nature-y type name, it would probaly be best as a middle name though, but Al or Allie would make a good nn if you used it as a first name and the child wanted a more "normal" name
    Crescent- pretty cool sounding as a name. my first thought is a crescent moon which is a cool conection
    Jedi- too star wars, but if you really like it I would say use it as a nn for Jedidiah or something so the child has something to fall back on if they ever want a more "normal" sounding name. I think most little boys would probaly love the star wars connection though.
    Mississippi- for a little girl with the nn Missy this would be pretty cute. Same with Missouri.
    Nevada- for a boy or girl? either way it sounds pretty cool
    Drake- pretty normal for a boy, I don't see any issues with it
    Arizona- nn Ari (air-ee) and Zona are pretty cool for a girl
    Alaska- boy or girl? Allie or Lassie would be cool nn for a girl
    Valentine- like it. Valentino and Valentina are awesome too and a bit more gender spacific
    Jackson- like it
    Holiday- best for a girl I think
    North- cool
    Alabama- cool, Al and Allie make good nn
    Sonnet- like it
    Liberty- love it!
    Yarrow- like it
    Willow- love it!
    Venice- Venny is a cute nn
    Aspen- boy or girl? like it either way
    Shade - can't see it on a child except for maybe as a nn. All I can think of when I hear it is window shades or lamp shades.
    Demetrius- I don't see any problems with it, it's a nice old name
    Shadow - can't see it on a child, sorry
    Archimedes- Archie is an awesome nn

    Just wondering, do the state names have any special meaning to you? I noticed you like alot of state names so I thought you might have a connection to each one. If so that would be a great rfeason to use them, if not they're still cool names.
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    A lot of your names are place names, and my feeling is that a place name only really makes sense if there is a special significance to that place and that child. (But please, no 'my child was conceived here.' That's SO awkward.) That being said...

    Alpine - Fine for a boy
    Crescent - not into it.
    Jedi - A little too sci-fi for me.
    Mississippi - Could be a sweet and different middle for a girl
    Nevada - not into it.
    Drake - not my style
    Arizona - For a girl
    Alaska - For a girl
    Valentine - I don't like it at all
    Jackson - This always reminds me of Michael Jackson. No.
    Holiday - Sweet for a girl, as a middle
    North - For a boy
    Alabama - I Sounds like a far stretch for both boy and girl
    Sonnet - I like this one! Middle for a girl
    Liberty - I don't like this virtue name, although not all are bad.
    Yarrow - Sounds like a mix between Yellow and Arrow. I don't like it.
    Willow - Beautiful name.
    Venice - For a girl.
    Aspen - For a boy.
    Shade - I don't like it. It's always in the shadow of something.
    Demetrius - Not my style at all.
    Shadow - I don't like it. It's either mysterious, or comes off as inferior to something
    Archimedes - Wow, not my style.

    Some interesting choices!

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    Your list was fun to read through!

    Alpine -- I can't see this as a first name, but it could make a cool middle.
    Arizona -- This is very unusual, but I think it is pretty and spunky for a girl.
    Valentine -- I have been loving this one lately as a middle name for a girl! Reminds me of the sweet character in the Count of Monte Cristo book.
    Jackson -- This one is okay. Much more popular than the rest of your list.
    Holiday -- This is cool. Might be a little much as a first name since it is a common word, but as a middle it would be just lovely!
    North -- Very strong and handsome.
    Sonnet -- So lovely!
    Liberty -- This is nms, but quite cool and spunky.
    Yarrow -- I don't like this one, but it reminds me of Sorrel which I like a lot!
    Willow -- Very nice.
    Venice -- Wow, this one is cool! Nice imagery.
    Aspen -- Very pretty, although it does have unfortunate syllables
    Demetrius -- Love it! But idk if I would be bold enough to use it.

    Names I don't like much
    Shade - my dad suggested it, when we were talking about Shadow's name.
    Shadow - either gender. I recently went to Disneyland, and there was a young girl named Shadow there.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    sapphires Guest
    I like Arizona, Alaska, Sonnet, Willow for girls, and Valentine {b}, Jackson, North, Aspen, and Archimedes for boys. I actually think Willow could work for a boy, though.

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