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Thread: Which Em- name?

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    Which Em- name?

    I love the Emma sound but I can't decide which me to use to get. There's something about each name that I love and something holding back.

    Emma - this is the sound and the vibe I want but I have a cousin with this name. I've never met her and don't plan too but it still leaves me feeling unsure. It also feels trendier than most of my other names.

    Gemma - I love this one but it feels different from the vibe I get from Emma. Even though the sound is there the image for me is completely different.

    Emmeline - this one seems like the perfect balance but I love it the least.

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    Emmeline is my favorite out of the three, though I do have a name crush on Emmaline!

    I know quite a few Emma's and just one Gemma. Both are lovely names but I still prefer Emmeline.
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    Emma: Very trendy + popular.

    Gemma: You'd be able to use the nn. Emma. Gemma seems more mysterious.

    Emmeline: It looks the prettiest of the three written out. But saying it, I prefer Gemma.

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    I know so many Emma's, so it doesn't seem so special to me. I prefer Gemma and Emmeline.
    Have you played around with different spellings to see if you feel better about the name? Jemma, Emelyn, etc.

    Also some other suggestions- Emerlie, Emmy, Emi, Demi, Emelie
    Hope that helps!

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    I hate Emma. Which is odd, because I like your other options, and I also like a number of other Em- names as well. Emma isn't ugly or kreative but its like marzipan to me - it is kinda sweet, and should be bland enough to not bother me one way or the other, but what little flavour it has, I don't like.

    I can't even blame just popularity, because I love Emily. But I've found I'm not the only person who likes Emily and hates Emma (or vice versa) even though you'd think they'd appeal to the same people?

    Gemma is cute. As an American, it doesn't feel overused to me, nor do I know any. But I know my Aussie husband thinks its dated, and most UK/Commonwealths people I've met feel that way. I don't know that I care.

    Emmeline - pretty. I like -line names a lot though. Emmeline feels a bit more princess-y than Gemma, but not to the point of too-frilly-for-real-life. I tend to find -line names less over the top pink and candy than, say, -ella names.

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